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Eco-Friendly Plant Gift: Questions & Answers

Eco-Friendly Plant Gifts Give Back To The Planet


When you send nature's best from our eco-friendly plant gift collection for plant delivery to family and friends, you're not only showing them how much they mean to you. Sending them sustainable gifts like our indoor plants and outdoor plants goes a long way to show that you believe the environment matters. Choosing eco-friendly gifts for plant delivery is not only good for the earth. It comes with plenty of benefits for your loved ones, too, including cleaning indoor air, reducing stress and anxiety, and making everyone happy overall.


Plants Make Great Gifts For Any Occasion


Suppose you want to give a unique addition to someone's home or office. In that case, house plants from our eco-friendly plant gift collection for plant delivery are anything but ordinary yet are perfect for every occasion. The Schefflera Gold Capella Umbrella Tree is a gift they'll never forget. Known as home plants that add a little sunshine to even the dreariest of days, this unique umbrella tree proliferates with little maintenance. If you want an eco-friendly plant gift that's a showstopper, look no further than the Hearty Boys Bundle: ZZ Plant & Sago Palm, two hardy species for plant delivery are all a busy person could hope for.


Your Green Space Awaits Thanks To Plant Delivery Service


Our uncompromising commitment to the environment is at the heart of Lively Root's mission to inspire and connect through greener spaces. We've thoughtfully chosen eco-friendly plant gifts for plant delivery to help you easily create your green corner of life. We genuinely believe that everyone deserves a plant, even if they lack the expertise. We bring over a century of knowledge and experience with our plant delivery service to complement your developing love of horticulture.


Eco-Friendly Practices From The Ground Up


If you want to join us in promoting the preservation of the planet by choosing an eco-friendly plant gift for plant delivery, Lively Root will take care of the rest. We ship everywhere in the continental United States in an authentic farm-to-table, environmentally safe style. We care about the environment as much as we care about plants, so we start from the ground up from our plants to the plant delivery packaging they're shipped in.