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El Paso Plant Delivery

El Paso Plant Delivery

When El Paso, TX residents search for the ideal plants for their transitional cold desert/hot desert climate, they turn to Lively Root live plant delivery El Paso for the most honest and helpful answers. We have an unmatched over 200 combined years of horticultural experience to help you begin a greener and more sustainable lifestyle. We strongly suggest the Peacock Plant (Calathea) for a medium maintenance plant that’s a fabulous mix of colors and textures with its watermelon colors and variegated green and yellow leaves. We also recommend the Mini Schefflera Umbrella Tree, an indoor plant that has an umbrella shape. With its smaller leaves, this species is easy to care for, so it’s a great starter plant.

Best El Paso Plants

At Lively Root, our mission is to inspire top-of-the-line green spaces that connect people and plants. No matter your plant know-how or experience, we want the gift of green to be both a real convenience and a genuine pleasure with our live plant delivery El Paso. We ship free for standard delivery within 4-7 business days and at an additional cost for expedited or rush delivery. We currently ship to 48 states, like Texas, within the United States (excluding Hawaii and Alaska). Because we love the planet as much as we love our plants, we only follow sustainable best practices.