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Featured Plants You Need in Your Home

The plants on this Featured Plants page are the easiest to take care of. Send them using our blooming plants for delivery service, and your family and friends will appreciate the uniqueness and practicality of giving potted house plants. You already know the plants here are a beautiful sight wherever you place them inside your home, always adding a touch of beauty to your day. What you may not know is that giving blooming plants as a gift is a practical choice too. Indoor plants don’t just look good; they’re also good for your health and well-being, including producing oxygen, keeping the air clean, and placing you in a positive mood.

Our Featured Plants are ideal all-season plants you can send anytime and for any occasion such as a housewarming, birthday, or get well soon gift. We guarantee blooming plants for delivery will bring the beauty and scents of nature indoors throughout the year. At Lively Root, we aim to inspire you to please someone’s nature-loving sensibilities with the house plants that blend with every style from classic to contemporary. For example, our Calla Lily collection not only eliminates airborne pollutants, but they are also good luck charms, especially for newlyweds. For newcomers to houseplants, we recommend our collection of palms that can withstand neglect but will be at their best with a bit of TLC. Our blooming plants for delivery offer distinct possibilities for your gift-giving needs.

When you buy blooming plants for delivery to send as a gift, you will add a little sunshine no matter whether your recipient lives near or far. The genuine beauty of home plants is that they last past the celebration. They can enjoy your gift, again and again, brightening their day and making them smile for years to come. When you send blooming plants for delivery from Lively Root, rest assured that we'll eliminate the worry and hassle once associated with shipping live plants. Our plants are home-grown at our nursery and delivered to your recipient in no time at all.