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We've Got Your Style With Featured Plants

Not everyone can be a horticulture specialist, but you can still shop for blooming plants for delivery like a pro. With over a century of combined expertise in all facets of the plant world, we never let you down, no matter what size green space you're planning. Our top potted house plants are the logical choice when only the best will do. We've collected a variety to fit every taste because we want to make shopping for blooming plants for delivery easier and more rewarding.

Fun and Functional Blooming Plants For Delivery

Our featured blooming plants for delivery make a statement whatever the plan or occasion. It's a treasure trove of colors, textures, and sizes, like the four-in-one Snakes and Spiders plant bundle that's a smaller, friendlier, more personal choice. It's ideal for starting your green space. Suppose you want to step out of the ordinary. In that case, we know the Aralia Ming Stump is the blooming plants for delivery that will be your perfect companion with its unique and uncomplicated profile that's as easy to care for.

Featured Plants That Combine Beauty And Utility

Plants do double duty with their aesthetics and functionality. Our blooming plants for delivery don't just look good; they'll make you feel good too by removing airborne toxins, decreasing your stress, and even increasing your focus, creativity, and productivity. It's the reason we at Lively Root firmly believe everyone deserves a plant, even if you weren't born with a green
thumb. Our blooming plants for delivery have too many benefits that you need in your life for feeling good. Why not explore alternative paths to being a healthier and happier you with plants?

Featured Plants For Trendsetting Tastes

Our blooming plants for delivery are not just on-trend for your home, you can also rely on us to get it to you on time. We deliver your plants from our nursery to your door in true farm-to-table fashion, so your blooming plants arrive in beautiful, fresh condition and ready to bring the beauty of nature to their new home. Best of all, our unconditional commitment to nature means we incorporate sustainable practices in everything we do.