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Get Well Plants: Questions & Answers

Plants Are Just What The Doctor Ordered

When you have a family member or friend feeling under the weather, nothing brightens their day or expresses your wishes for a speedy recovery, like the plants in our Get Well plants collection. Forget the traditional get well gift basket or get well soon flowers that are attractive and welcoming but quickly expire. Giving houseplants as get well gifts goes beyond adding a touch of excitement and beauty to their day. Indoor plants as get well gifts can recharge their health and well-being so your sick loved one feels good all over: body and spirit. That’s because the gift of nature’s best is doubly beautiful and doubly practical thanks to science-backed health benefits, such as improving healing and pain tolerance, purifying the air of allergens and toxins, reducing stress levels, and encouraging overall positivity when bouncing back from illness.

At Lively Root, we believe everyone deserves a plant, especially when they’re not feeling their best. Feeling better has never been easier than giving plants as get well soon gifts. We recommend the bushy Boston Fern to freshen a room, whether your recipient is stuck at home or in the hospital. Not only are these thoughtful get well gifts beautiful and easy to care for, they work hard as natural air purifiers. We’re also big fans of “You Had Me At” Aloe, not just because of their popularity as ingredients for various beauty and health products. The Aloe Vera species is nature’s best and good health personified, so they’re a soothing influence overall. What better way to leave sick loved ones feeling refreshed, relaxed, and invigorated than this plant from our Get Well gifts collection.

If you’re convinced that nothing makes a world of difference like sending plants as get well gifts, Lively Root goes up a level in service. Because we’re likewise confident that plants are the perfect way to help sick loved ones feel better, you can depend on us to ship your get well gifts from our nursery to their door as soon as possible. Lively Root ships to the continental 48 states (excluding Hawaii and Alaska) with a processing time of 1-2 business days. It’s part of our commitment to bringing the aesthetics and limitless health and environmental benefits of plants everywhere they can help.