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Harrisburg Plant Delivery

Plant Delivery Harrisburg, PA

Lively Root’s mission is to inspire green spaces that connect people with plants no matter where you call home. You can count on our live plant delivery Harrisburg service to help you create your perfect green space, too. No matter the season, you can always enjoy the gift of nature with indoor plants and outdoor plants that easily adapt to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania’s ever-changing, four-season climate. For instance, not only will the impressive Evita Vriesea Bromeliad be a bright spot in your day with its fiery, sword-shaped flower spike, it's easy to care for too. We’re also huge fans of the thick and durable Elephant Ear Alocasia Regal Shield, which brings unusual color distinction to any room.

Best Harrisburg Plants

Who doesn’t want to add a touch of beauty to their day? Lively Root’s live plant delivery Harrisburg, PA service believes everyone deserves the beauty and health benefits of indoor and outdoor houseplants. We provide a true farm to tabletop experience for your plants. We ship to 48 states within the United States (excluding Hawaii and Alaska) to bring freshness and brightness to all your spaces. Free standard delivery is within 4-7 business days, with expedited or rush delivery at an additional cost. We believe the environment matters and abide by sustainable practices from the ground up.