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Houseplant Appreciation Day: Questions & Answers

National Houseplant Day Is A Breath Of Fresh Air


Celebrated yearly on January 10, National Houseplant Day is a much-appreciated escape from the non-stop holiday season and resulting post-holiday blues. Whether you're already a plant parent or just discovering the beauty and benefits of houseplants, Houseplant Appreciation Day reinforces everything there is to love about houseplants. This love letter includes how they're a beautiful sight wherever you put it, how they improve indoor air quality, and so much more. Not only does National Houseplant Day raises awareness for our tried and true green friends, but the holiday also celebrates the rewards of caring for plants too!

You Won't Go Wrong With Plants


There's no better time to give the generous gift of plants than National Houseplant Day. Celebrate Plant Appreciation Day by shopping from Lively Root's carefully curated collection of plants for every kind of plant owner. For example, gift a newbie with Everyone's Favorite Golden Pothos, and they'll have a friend for life even if their thumb is less than green. That's because this plant is impossible to kill, shrugs off neglect, and still, does its best to clean the air and look as lovely as it can be. Finding the ideal plant to gift for National Houseplant Day is easy to do with our vast selection of houseplants.

An Eco-Friendly Holiday Ahead Of Its Time


National Houseplant Day is a fresh and creative twist to eco-friendly holidays like Earth Day and Arbor Day that have become garden variety today. Lively Root believes that everyone deserves a plant and that gifting plants are suitable for everyone and the planet. National Plant Day is your chance to grow your flourishing corner of life by enjoying and sharing the many benefits of plants. It's the best way to say the Earth matters on National Houseplant Day and beyond.


Plants Are The Gift Of A Lifetime


The bottom line is that plants make everyone happier and healthier. If you're inspired to share the gift of plants this National Houseplant Day, Lively Root has everything you need to send a gift that's worthy of the occasion. Leave it to us to deliver from our nursery to your loved one's door just in time for National Houseplant Day!