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Mullen Design Collection: Questions & Answers

Discover Priceless Treasures In This Unique Opportunity

Lively Root has partnered with renowned San Diego interior designer Morgan Mullen for this rare plant delivery collection you can’t afford to miss. Exclusively ours, the Mullen Design Collection is as close to designer perfection as you can be while remaining true to nature. Our indoor plants and outdoor plants preserve their familiar style but get an update with Morgan Mullen’s fresh direction. We’re your treasure map as you explore the creme de la creme that takes our plant delivery service to a new level of sophistication.

Plant Delivery Brings A New Dimension To Interiors

Our Mullen Design Collection embraces our spirit of innovation. As more customers use house plants as an essential element of interior design, our collection makes plant delivery the one- stop source for that missing natural element they desire. Decorating all your rooms has never been easier with the Mullen Design Every Room Collection, including home plants hand- selected by Mullen Design Co. to represent their epic aesthetic. We recommend the Sweetheart Vine for plant delivery for a taste of the Mullen Design Collection’s understated luxury at home or the office. This easy-going plant will add style and therapeutic touches to your space.

Plants Answer Nature’s Design

Plant delivery from our Mullen Design Collection is indoor gardening that commands attention. You can now combine color, texture, and design beyond the basics without sacrificing the elements of nature that keep your space harmonious. We give you genuinely organic options to fill those empty corners you have no idea what to do with. Best of all, with our plant delivery, you’ll tap the power of plants and all their benefits, from purifying the air you breathe to helping you concentrate and stay productive.

A White Glove Service For Your Green Space

If you can’t resist our premier offering, the good news is our plant delivery service will have your order delivered to your door in no time. We ship everywhere in the continental US and make the safety of your plants our top priority. We cover your plant delivery from our Mullen Design Collection from every angle as it travels from our nursery to your home. We guarantee it stays in top shape with secure and eco-friendly packaging. We care about you, our plants, and the planet!