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Seattle Plant Delivery

Plant Delivery Seattle, WA

Want to cultivate your green space? Consider Lively Root not just the top Seattle live plant delivery service but friends you can rely on. We recommend starting with the basics in the Jungle Starter Plant Collection, which includes four ironclad plants that go practically anywhere and can survive almost anything. It’s the fastest and easiest way to transform your home or workplace into a green oasis. Once you’ve become a confident plant parent, graduate to the Popular Kids Bundle: Split Leaf Philodendron & Fiddle Leaf Fig. Although this collection takes more work, these home plants reward you with a lifetime of color and beauty beyond compare.

Best Plant Delivery Seattle

At Lively Root, our mission is to make our passion for greener spaces your passion too! We believe everyone deserves a plant no matter where you spend most of your time (office, dorm room, condo, apartment, etc,). Because we strongly believe in the power of plants, our Seattle live plant delivery ships directly from our nursery to your doorstep in authentic farm to table fashion. We even ship live plants for sale free for standard orders within 4-7 business days in 48 states in the United States (except Hawaii and Alaska). We have expedited and rush delivery available for an added fee.