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Shreveport Plant Delivery

Shreveport Plant Delivery

When the hot, wet summers and short, wet (again) winters of Shreveport, LA make it challenging to enjoy the outdoors, residents turn to Lively Root live plant delivery Shreveport to enjoy the beauty and many health benefits of nature indoors. Whether at home or in the office, the Ficus Tineke Rubber Tree guarantees beauty at every turn with its pleasing patterns and a rare high degree of color and variation. You’ll also fall in love with the Bicolor Cane Dragon Tree (Dracaena), a plant that will bring a bright splash of color to your day. It has a distinctive silhouette that makes it ideal for filling in spaces in your green space.

Best Shreveport Plants

Our lifetime mission at Lively Root is to inspire everyone to grow their own green space. We wholeheartedly believe that a strong relationship with plants will lead to greener and more sustainable lifestyles. Once you find your inspiration, you can also depend on our live plant delivery Shreveport service to bring healthy, happy plants to you and your loved ones. The good news is we ship free for standard delivery within 4-7 business days and at an additional cost for expedited or rush delivery. We now ship to 48 states (like Louisiana) within the United States (excluding Hawaii and Alaska).