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Table Plants: Questions & Answers

Fantastic foliage and beautiful blooms: potted table plants with character

Life's too short to buy boring plants, so our collection is full of weird and wonderful options. We've got Instagrammable choices like Chinese money plants, with their distinctive round leaves. These are a favorite with Nordic interior designers, so you've probably seen them all over Pinterest. We also have some tropical picks like the peacock plant. It has watermelon color leaves — green up top, red on the bottom — and raises them periodically throughout the day, which is why some people call it the prayer plant.

Get your green fix with a table plant bundle

Why get just one table plant for delivery when you could have four? We've curated our bundles carefully, so you get four plants that look fantastic together. Some of our favorite combinations include snakes and spiders — not the venomous creatures, but the spiny and variegated indoor plants. We've put them together because we love the way the thick, sword-shaped leaves of the snake plants look with the spindly foliage of the spiders. All of our picks are designed to be aesthetically pleasing, with a range of shapes and sizes, so have a browse and create an instant indoor garden.

Choose between small or medium table plants

We love mixing our medium-sized plants with our tiny Lil' Bit plants to create an eye-catching display. They also work well on their own as statement pieces. Our small plants truly are tiny, and work best on small surfaces such as bedside tables and desks where they won't get in the way. Our medium plants are happy to stand alone, and make a statement when you pop them in the center of a coffee table or on an end table.

Find table plants for delivery to suit your lifestyle

Not all plant parents are created equal. Beginners, and people who don't have green fingers, can find plenty of hard-to-kill options in our low maintenance collection. Before you commit to a plant, think about whether it suits your home. For example plants are poisonous to pets, so make sure you choose pet friendly plants to keep curious cats and dogs safe and happy.