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Teacher Appreciation Week: Questions & Answers

Teacher Appreciation Week Made More Memorable With Plants


While we shouldn't need a holiday to recognize and honor the contributions of teachers, Teacher Appreciation Week officially happens from May 2 to May 8. Since 1980, the country has celebrated educators' dedication and hard work everywhere. You can thank a teacher for making a big difference in the lives of children by giving them a teacher appreciation week gift as a gesture of your most tremendous gratitude. At Lively Root, we naturally think that the perfect gift for Teacher Appreciation Week is a lovely, long-lasting plant!

Shopping For Plants Are A Simple Pleasure


If shopping for gifts for Teacher Appreciation Week becomes a challenge, we know for a fact that plants are not just unforgettable. They're always a welcome gift too. We recommend ideal plants for the classroom beginning with the Zeylanica Superba Snake Plant. It's an attractive, welcoming, and practical plant that's a little shorter in stature than most Sansevieria, so it's just the right size for the classroom. It's super easy to care for too. If you want a Teacher Appreciation Week gift that won't get lost in the crowd, we suggest the Medusa China Doll/Serpent Tree, a bushy and beautiful plant that always succeeds in making a good impression.

Plants Are The Freshest Idea In Gift Giving


Giving a beloved teacher a plant for Teacher Appreciation Week not only shows them you appreciate their nurturing nature but that you care about their well-being as well. Plants have many scientifically supported benefits that make them a perfect match for Teacher Appreciation Week. These benefits include lowering stress levels, improving concentration, increasing productivity, and creating an overall positive environment for teachers and students.


Fresh From Our Nursery To Their Door


If you're looking for something beautiful, practical, and eco-friendly to say thank you for teacher appreciation week, you can never go wrong with plants. Plants are a fresh and lively way to send your gratitude this Teacher Appreciation Week. If you're inspired to send your favorite teacher the gift of green this Teacher Appreciation Week, leave it to Lively Root to take care of the rest. We ship everywhere in the continental US, so you'll get high grades wherever they are.