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Cellar Door Plants Is now Lively Root

At Lively Root, our mission is to inspire green spaces by connecting people with plants.

We believe a strong relationship with plants will lead to greener and more sustainable lifestyles. Through our nursery partners on the west coast and throughout the country, we deliver healthy, happy plants to you and your loved ones. We guarantee that you will receive a healthy and happy plant from us! Learn More

What makes us different?

We are a horticulture lifestyle brand that offers happy, healthy houseplants delivered straight to your doorstep. Our plants and unboxing experience bring our customers and their friends and family so much joy to open up one of our plants. Here are some of the reasons that makes us different.
Homegrown from local nurseries
We partner with local nurseries across the US to source healthy and happy plants for you. Every plant Is homegrown, hand-picked, and packed with care by our team in San Diego. We are constantly partnering with the best partners to offer a large selection of indoor and outdoor plants to choose from.
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We care about the environment
Our eco-friendly mindset has guided us through every decision we have made. We source sustainable packaging materials like compostable and recycled papers, coco coirs, boxes and make our own eco pots of rice hulls, recycled plastic, and natural stone. We continue to find ways to improve upon our materials and support greener living.
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We plant trees
Your purchase keeps on giving to a greener, better future for our planet and people. A portion of every purchase helps fund our annual commitment to the Arbor Day Foundation.
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Fast Delivery
We are dedicated to getting your plants to you as quickly as possible. Our amazing team averages shipping most plants out with 24 hours of receiving the order.
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Plant Care and Advice
Our experts are at the ready to help you with any plant care support you may need our your plant journey. We also have a ton of resources through blogs and care guides.
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Wide Variety
We aim to bring the best options of plants to you and provide a first class shopping and unboxing experience. From indoor to outdoors, airplants to blooms, pet-friendly to easy care. There is an option for everyone.
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Happy Customers

They love it - I love it! I love the intricacies of my money tree even if it doesn’t come with “green money” attached. I’ve always thought of them as lovely and finally purchased them for my team. They arrived green and fresh, just as I anticipated. My team said they love them! So I love them!

Kerrie C.


Nice Plants! I ordered medium peacock plants in a grower pot for an "at-home" convention. They got delivered on the expected timeline and they were packed nicely. The leaves they had when it arrived are in good shape. Would order other plants again!

Caroline A.


Impressed. I ordered Golden Pothos as an "I miss you plant." for our office. I was worried because I've ordered live plants before and it was not a pleasant experience. I am so pleased and impressed with the Lively Root team and how the plants were packaged. Done with care! Thank you! Very happy!

Lina H.


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