China Doll Care Guide

Bushy and beautiful, adds a touch of class to any room! They are technically a small, fast-growing tree. They have multiple stems and fine foliage, their canopy looks seriously lush!
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  • Light : Medium

    Enjoys a lot of bright light but not direct sunlight.

  • Water : Low

    Enjoys being kept on the dry side. Water well and then let the soil dry.

  • Humidity : Medium

    Enjoys a little extra humidity. Spritz occasionally.

  • Temp : 65℉ - 75℉

    The China Doll can be finicky if conditions change slightly. They will drop their leaves in protest if water conditions change or experience any movement or drafts. A repotting can trigger a leaf shedding too. If this occurs, prune back the barren branch to regain growth. They will benefit from a consistent temperature range at all times.

  • Zone : 10|11

    Outdoors: part shade in the dappled morning sun (4-6 hrs.) where nights are above 60°F.

    Indoors: place in bright indirect sun. When moving this plant from indoors to outside and back, expect leaf shedding as they change environments.

  • Fertilizer : Monthly

    Water the plant before fertilizing to avoid fertilizer burn. Fertilize once a month by diluting a liquid fertilizer into the water while watering. Use half the recommended strength. Fertilize in the spring and summer months but let the plant rest in the fall and winter.

  • Repotting : 4 Years

    When receiving the plant, do not repot immediately but wait at least 6-12 months. They like to be a bit root-bound. (They don't like much change, so let them get acclimated to the area they will be located in.)

    Repot in the spring, using a 2" bigger pot to keep the roots drier. (Too big of a pot could cause the soil to dry slower, which is not helpful.)

    A heavy container will help counterbalance the top-growth of the China Doll.

  • Cleaning : Monthly

    Prune away dead, damaged, or diseased leaves down to the stem base with sterile pruners.

    To trim and stimulate new growth, cut a half-inch to one inch above a leaf. Cutting too much may put them into shock, so do a little at a time.

    For more lushness, trim branches that face inward so they will branch and fill in open areas. Cut back rogue branches or any inner branches that are too bushy.

    Observe the soil closely after a significant trim because the lack of foliage can follow lighter water use.

  • Propagation : Stem Cutting

    Take green stem cuttings from the tips of the parent plant. Cut with sterile scissors taking a 3-6 inch cutting.

    Dip in rooting hormone and place them in moist potting soil. Cover with a clear plastic bag to retain moisture and humidity while they root.

    Keep the cuttings in bright, indirect light.