Optimal Watering for Peace Lilies: How Often & How Much?

By: Matt Slaymaker
January 5, 2024
How Often to Water a Peace Lily
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The glossy spear-shaped dark green leaves and striking white flowers of a peace lily are to die for, right? But there’s one more thing that makes it a good companion for every plant enthusiast - it’s a really easy-to-care-for plant

Although not fussy, this houseplant from the tropical regions of the Americas and southeastern Asia demands attention, when it comes to watering, to ensure it produces long-lasting and, thriving blooms. 

So, how often  do you water a peace lily and how much? Or what’s the ideal peace lily watering frequency/schedule? 

Get all the answers in this comprehensive guide. So, let’s start. 

Peace Lily: Water Requirements & Watering Frequency

Peace Lily Water Requirements

In this section, we’ve covered all the details regarding your peace lily’s water requirements and watering frequency. 

How Much Water Does a Peace Lily Need?

There’s no hard and fast rule regarding how much water your peace lily needs. This varies with several factors, like season (winter/summer), temperature, humidity levels, pot size, etc. 

Ideally, you should continue watering your plant until the excess water starts running out of the drainage holes at the bottom.

How Often to Water a Peace Lily?

You aren’t required to set or follow a fixed peace lily watering schedule. Instead, the best practice is to regularly check your plant's soil moisture. It's a good time to water your peace lily again if the soil has slightly dried out. Your can identify this by testing the top layer with your finger or if you notice that soil surface is of lighter color.

How to Water a Peace Lily to Help It Thrive? 

There are different ways to water your peace lily and help it thrive. Let’s discuss each of these methods in detail. 

  • Water over the soil:
  • Use a regular watering can and start watering over the soil. Alternatively, you can put your peace lily directly under a soft or filtered water tap. Continue watering the pot until the water starts to run out from the drainage holes. 

    Note: Don’t let your plant’s roots sit in water, which might lead to root rot or pests.

  • Water from the bottom:
  • Fill the plant tray with soft or filtered water, ensuring the soil comes in contact with it. Let the plant sit in water for about 10 minutes. Touch the soil to see if it has absorbed enough water. If the soil feels moist throughout, remove any excess water from the tray. Add more water to the tray if the soil feels still dry. Wait 20 more minutes before removing the excess water from the tray. 

    Tip: You can also give your peace lily a water bath in very hot and dry weather. Just fill a bucket with filtered lukewarm water and place the peace lily pot inside for a couple of minutes. Then, lift the plant and let it drain on a tray by making sure to pour out any excess water from it.

    Do Peace Lilies Like Warm or Cold Water? 

    Peace lilies prefer warm (or lukewarm) water over cold water, as the latter can shock the plant and cause the leaves to brown. Generally, water that is 15° colder than the air temperature tends to be too cold for your peace lily.

    Do Peace Lilies Like Rainwater? 

    Yes, peace lilies like rainwater. It’s naturally soft, and not too cold, so your indoor grown plant will love it if you use rainwater that you’ve collected in advance. 

    Peace lilies grown outdoors in the garden, however, may not benefit from being watered exclusively by the rain. Rainwater may pick hard minerals from the ground, making the water too hard for your plants.

    Should I Let My Peace Lily Dry Out Before Watering? 

    Yes, letting your peace lily dry out, but only SLIGHTLY, before watering is the best practice to follow to help it thrive.  

    Don’t let your houseplant get completely dry, though, as it may  suffer from issues, associated with underwatering. 

    How Do I Know If My Peace Lily Needs More Water? 

    The best way to know if your peace lily needs more water is by poking your finger into its potting soil. 

    • If the soil feels moist, refrain from watering your peace lily ifor a day or two.  
    • On the contrary, your plant is thirsty if its soil feels dry. So, give it lots of water to drink. 

    Do Peace Lilies Like Misting?

    Misting a Peace Lily

    Since peace lilies are a big fan of high humidity, they love being misted every few days. A humid room, like a kitchen or bathroom, is often the perfect place to grow your plant. 

    Peace Lily Watering Schedule: Factors to Consider 

    From the light conditions to the size of its pot, these factors will affect how often you'll need to water your peace lily. 


    Your peace lily will require more frequent watering if the moisture levels in the air are low, and vice-versa. 

    Light Conditions

    If your peace lily is exposed to more light, it’ll require more water to keep itself hydrated. On the contrary, a peace lily grown in low light will require less frequent watering.  

    Seasonal Changes (Winter/Summer)

    During the summer, your plant's soil will likely dry out quickly and require more frequent watering. The opposite happens in the winter when the plant’s soil tends to lose water at a snail’s pace, due to excess moisture in the air. 

    Size of Pot

    The size of your plant’s pot also influences the watering schedule. Generally, larger pots retain more moisture and require less frequent watering than smaller containers. 

    Note: The soil type is as crucial as the pot size in determining how much and how often to water your peace lily. Ideally, you’ll want a loose, well-draining potting mix that holds moisture well but doesn't stay soggy. 

    Common Issues With Watering a Peace Lily Plant

    Underwatered Peace Lily
    Source: Reddit 

    There are some common issues, related to watering your peace lily plant. It can fall victim to various problems, as discussed below.

    Can You Overwater a Peace Lily?

    Yes, you can overwater a peace lily. Watering a peace lily too often or too much not only impacts its roots but also leads to yellowing leaves, weak-looking or brown flowers, wilting, drooping leaves, and brown leaf tips. 

    Your plant’s stunted growth is another common symptom of excess watering. 

    Signs of an Underwatered Peace Lily

    Underwatering your peace lily isn’t a good idea, either, as it results in:

    • Yellow leaves accompanied by brown tips
    • Wilting leaves 
    • Curling leaves
    • Stunted plant growth
    • No new leaves
    • Lack of flowers

    Why Is My Peace Lily Drooping Even After Watering?

    It feels terrible if your peace lily starts drooping even after watering, and these are the main reasons for it: 

    • Too much light, especially direct sunlight
    • Watering the plant too often
    • Sudden change in temperature
    • Lack of nutrients in the soil mix
    • Pest infestations or root rot

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    How Often to Water a Peace Lily: FAQs

    Q: How do you tell the difference between overwatered and underwatered peace lilies?

    A: You can look for the signs of stress to tell the difference between overwatered and underwatered plant lilies. 

    While an overwatered plant will have yellow, wilting leaves, and smelly, soggy soil, an underwatered plant will have droopy leaves and dry soil.  

    Q: How much do you water peace lilies after repotting?

    A: Watering your peace lily after repotting is necessary to help it overcome the stress or transplant shock. Thus, water your plant right after repotting it. Then, continue to water it as normal, whenever the top 2” of soil feels dry. 

    Q: How long can peace lily go without water?

    A: A peace lily can go without water for approximately 10-12 days, after which it’ll start drooping. 

    Q: Do peace lilies like well-drained soil?

    A: Yes, peace lilies like well-draining soil that holds moisture well but doesn't easily become waterlogged. 

    Q: Do peace lilies like banana water?

    A: Yes, flowering plants like peace lilies like banana water. This is because it’s rich in potassium, which helps the plant’s well-being.


    Taking care of your peace lily isn’t a challenging task, as many may think. Observing your plant’s specific needs and adjusting its watering frequency based on the environmental conditions contribute to growing a happy and thriving peace lily. 

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