Low Light Indoor Plants

Low Light Indoor Plants Buying Guide

Embark on a journey to discover the allure of low-light indoor plants - nature’s solution for brightening up those shady corners of your home or office. Low-light plants are perfect for spaces with minimal sunlight or north-facing rooms. These green companions bring a touch of nature where light is scarce.

Benefit from the air-purifying properties of the best indoor plants for low light as they effortlessly liven up dim areas, making them ideal for offices or locations with limited sun exposure. Dive into the enchanting world of low-light house plants and take your pick from our collection, the Boston Fern, for example, or the Peace Lily Plant (Spathiphyllum).

Low Light Indoor Plants

Pick the Best Low-Light Plants for Your Indoor Space

Choosing the perfect low-light indoor plant involves a careful dance with various factors:


Consider the lighting conditions of your space and opt for resilient varieties suitable for north-facing rooms or dimly lit offices. Low-light office plants are the perfect solution if the office lacks big windows.  

Room Size

Tailor your choice to the room’s size, whether a cozy nook or a spacious area, with compact plants or large low-light indoor plants that make a statement. There’s also the option of embracing the allure of low-light hanging plants to elevate your green decor vertically. Tall indoor plants for places with subdued light also work equally well. 

Lifestyle and Care Preferences

Opt for beginner-friendly and easy-care varieties if you’re new to pet parenting. For pet owners, ensure your choice aligns with pet-friendly plant options, fostering a harmonious environment for all inhabitants.

Select the perfect houseplant for low light, letting these tailored tips guide you. Whether adorning your home or enhancing your office ambiance, finding the ideal green companion for dimmer spaces has never been easier.

Best Low Light House Plants Varieties - Understanding Their Needs

Low Light House Plants Varieties

Within our low-light plant collection are varieties with distinct needs that contribute to their unique charm. Let’s delve into the world of four exceptional plants from our collection, each showcasing its own set of requirements:

Sweetheart Vine (Philodendron hederaceum “Lemon Lime”)

The leaves of the Philodendron ‘Lemon Lime’ are an electric pinkish-yellow. As the plant ages, the leaves develop into a deep lemony and finally lime green. It produces long cascading vines that can easily reach the floor. While the Sweetheart Vine prefers to receive bright indirect light, it tolerates low-medium light.   

Variegated Spider Plant Reverse (Chlorophytim comosum)

A spider plant brings the lush tropical jungles of Southern Africa to your home.  The plant's lime green and yellow variegated spiky leaves bring an instant attitude to any room. The Variegated Spider plant is slightly different from a traditional spider plant because it has a white stripe on the outer edges of the leaves. They are also excellent air purifiers, super easy to care for, and pet-friendly. 

Peace Lily (Spathiphyllum)

For a touch of elegance, bring a peace lily into your home. Their striking white flowers have made the plant a certified peace symbol, and is also renowned for its air-purifying qualities. This plant is super easy to care for as it prefers partial shade and just a touch of water. People often give peace lilies as a sign of love and sympathy to anyone facing loss or hardship. 

Janet Craig Dragon Plant (Dracaena “Janet Craig)

The name Dracaena derives from Dracaena draco, meaning “female dragon” in Greek. Legend has it that a dragon left its blood on the earth, which was absorbed and drawn up into a native tree in the area, producing a bloodish red sap. The Romans used the sap to color marble, and it’s been used by Italian craftspeople to stain wood instruments.

The Janet Craig Dragon Plant is a virtually indestructible and thrives on low light and little water. It’s the perfect plant for people on the go who have little time for plant care. The sword-like dark green leaves can grow 3 inches wide and sometimes 2 feet long.

Low Light Indoor Plants: Care & Maintenance Guide

Low Light Indoor Plants- Care & Maintenance Guide

Caring for low-light indoor plants demands a nuanced approach tailored to their unique requirements. Here’s a comprehensive guide to ensure your green companions thrive in less illuminated spaces:

Soil, Repotting, and Feeding

  • Selecting the right soil: Low-light plants often favor well-draining soil to prevent waterlogged roots.
  • Repotting wisdom: Watch for tell-tale signs and repot, providing ample space for root expansion.
  • Feeding considerations: Explore suitable fertilizers that enhance growth without overwhelming these modest light enthusiasts.

Watering in Moderation

  • Low-water affection: Adapt your watering routine to the low-light setting, allowing the soil to dry between waterings.
  • Overwatering risks: Mitigate potential issues associated with overwatering, a common pitfall in indoor gardening, especially in low-light settings.

Temperature, Humidity, and Light

  • Temperature tolerance: Recognize the preferred temperature range for low-light champions, fostering a comfortable environment.
  • Humidity balance: Adjust humidity level to mimic their native habitats, ensuring the well-being of humidity-sensitive species.
  • Muted light environment: Tailor your lighting strategy to accommodate your plants’ preference for subdued, indirect light.

Troubleshooting and Maintenance

  • Pruning yellowing leaves: Master the art of pruning, addressing yellowing leaves promptly to promote overall plant health.
  • Pest patrol: Implement preventive measures against common pests, safeguarding your cherished low-light flora indoors.
  • Cleaning rituals: Embrace a gentle cleaning routine to keep leaves dust-free, allowing optimal light absorption.

As you embark on adorning your space with the best plants for low light, envision a transformation beyond aesthetics. These low-light indoor plants add beauty and create an atmosphere of serenity and well-being.

Embrace the allure of greenery, even in the dimmest corners, where Lively Root’s carefully curated selection thrives. Enhance your home decor, purify the air, and elevate your mood with the enchanting touch of live plants. You can also illuminate your office or business place with the enduring elegance of our low-light marvels. 

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