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Tropical Plants: Questions & Answers

Can you grow tropical plants indoors?

You can grow glorious tropical plants indoors under the right conditions.  Many tropical plants are incredibly hardy and will take very kindly to living with you.  In general, they do need plenty of sunshine and some humidity to feel most comfortable, so keep them near the windows in your home.  You can even mist them if you want to be a real horticultural guru.

Each tropical plant has it's own needs, many love the sun and others are used to living under the canopy in the shady, wet humidity.  We love the following tropical plants and know you will find the perfect one for your space:

Giant Bird of Paradise The Giant White Bird of Paradise adds a lush, tropical look to your space. This exotic plant will create a dramatic entryway, deck, pool, or living room. The Giant BirodofParadiseis sure to impress, especially when it's stunning white flower comes in.

Lady Palm The lady palm or Rhapis excelsa is very easy to grow and will even thrive indoors under the right conditions.  This tropical beauty has small fronds that make any space look welcoming.  The lady palm has a very special Pacific Island tropical feel and brings the exotic home.

Split Leaf Philodendron

Pigmy Date Palm

Rubber Tree