2022 Holiday Gift Guide

By: Hannah McWhorter
November 16, 2022
2022 Holiday Gift Guide
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Looking for the perfect gifts? It can be difficult to come up with new ideas for fun, creative presents. Luckily, we are here to help you brainstorm some new green gifts! Whether for the holiday season, a birthday, or just because, here is our gift guide to help you find new ideas.

For a Partner

Finding a unique gift for a partner can be hard - often we will think of flowers, but what about flowers that will last longer than a week? Miniature Roses are a great gift that comes in many colors and grows beautifully! Some color options for these plants include red, tangerine, and white, so you can pick whatever best fits your significant other. Mini Roses are a romantic gift that will last.

For Mom

Moms deserve amazing gifts, and we have a couple of suggestions for you! If your Mom likes flowers, what about something like a Peace Lily? These plants are elegant, graceful, and have gorgeous white flowers. Is your Mom more of a fan of greenery? Golden Pothos is a great gift that is easy to care for regardless of her green thumb!

For Dad

We love Aralia Fabian Stumps as a gift for Dads! These plants have strong woody stalks and are low-maintenance for the on-the-go Dad. Is your Dad less into growing plants? Maybe consider getting him a gift like a Dad Hat!

For a Plant Lover

For the friend who has a jungle already, what about plant care options? A great gift for a friend with flourishing greens is a Coco Coir Pole, which can help not only support plants but give them a surface to grow aerial roots. Another great idea is to get them some fun plant care supplies - we love Arber products, such as their Fertilizer, Bio Protectant, Insecticide, or Fungicide.


For a Fun-Loving Friend

Looking for something more fun and quirky? We love these Plant Magnets! These fun plant decor items are gentle magnets that won’t harm the plant, but will certainly add some style to them. Pick fun designs that fit your friend, from bees and fruit to cheeky sunglasses for their plants. Do they struggle to find space in their home for plants? Maybe try an elegant Macrame Plant Hanger.


For a New Plant Parent

Growing a green thumb can be difficult, so let’s set them up for success! This Plant Parent Starter Kit is perfect for those who are newer to plant growing! The Digital Thermometer will help them better understand their plant’s pH, light exposure, and moisture to take the guesswork out of plant care. ZZ Plants are hardy and easy to care for, and we even throw in some fertilizer so they don’t have to worry about purchasing the right kind!

For the Holiday Fan

There is beautiful greenery for those who like to decorate for the holidays! Norfolk Island Pines are a personal favorite of ours, taking up less room than a full pine tree but being equally as beautiful and fun to decorate. Want something a little less traditional? Rosemary holiday trees are great as they can be used for cooking as well as for decor. Another traditional but more colorful option is a Red Poinsettia, which are classically festive.


Don’t Forget to Add Some Flare! 

Customize your gifts with fun add-ons like a Thoughtful Human Seed Paper greeting card. These cares are sustainable and can be planted to grow wildflowers - how fun is that?! Thoughtful Human actively donates cards and money to organizations that make a real social impact, too. If you are purchasing a plant, add a Dirt Bag that can add beautiful wrapping while also being able to be reused to store veggies or other loose items.