5 Plants That Are Father's Day Approved

By: Ashley Prybycien
June 9, 2021
5 Plants That Are Father's Day Approved
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These plants are #DADAPPROVED and voted by Father's all over but trust me you don't have to be a dad to love these plants! Like Moms, Dads need something lively to look at. In their office or work from home space or even next to the couch. These plants will add that extra vibe to any space you put them in. Some are easy care and some take a green thumb to manage but don't worry gifting plants is a fun experience for the whole family the second they hit your doorstep! I’m talking dads, plant dads, dog dads, step dads and all kinds of dads! Get him something that is long lasting and will grow together. 

1. English Ivy Gold Child: 

Maybe you’re already the golden child but this one is basically you in plant form and your dad will appreciate the little pun because hello Dad jokes never get old! This plant is easy care so they don’t have to have a green thumb to keep this golden child alive. With its star-shaped variegated leaves, the English ivy gold child makes a striking addition to any home. This natural climber looks great in hanging baskets where its foliage can hang over the side. It's happy in shade and stays green throughout the year.


2. Peacock Plant: 

This plant will add hues of purple to any work space. Now that offices are opening back up gift this plant to show them how much you care! It’s pet safe but it does love to play hard to get so get this one for plant enthusiasts! Officially called calathea roseopicta, these Brazilian beauties have earned the nickname prayer plants. This is because they raise and lower their leaves throughout the day, as if they're worshipping. A medium-care plant, it thrives in humid environments.


3. Ficus Benjamina Midnight Braid:

This plant is great for beginners! It looks great in the corner and with some love it will grow nice and tall! The Weeping fig (Ficus benjamina) show off their slender trunks and lush green leaves in a weeping downward fashion. This Moraceae genus has an abundance of glossy leaves that cascade down, making it a statement piece. Set it in any bright, indirect lit room, and it will reach upwards of 10' tall in height over a long period. Add humidity around it to thrive.

4. Chinese Money Plant:

One of our all time favorites! We can't promise that the Chinese money plant (pilea peperomioides) will bring you good fortune, but we can say it'll add instant style to any room. As well as being one of the most popular plant choices for Feng Shui, it's also famous with fans of Scandi design — It's Norway's favorite sill plant. It's also easy to care for and fun to grow. What's not to love? 


 5. New Plant Parents: 

Why not get a few of our favorites that are great for new plant parents! New plant parents can get a confident start with this bundle of three hard-to-kill green babies. Golden pothos is sometimes called devil's ivy because it's so hard to kill. It has gorgeous trailing leaves and looks great in a hanging planter. The ZZ plant can also handle low levels of water and light. Finally, the money tree is an easy-care plant that's rumored to bring good luck and fortune.



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