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Father's Day Plants: Questions & Answers

Just When You Thought Dad Had Everything

If you want to be anything but traditional this Father’s Day, try our Father’s Day gift plants collection, and we promise you’ll never look back. How many more ties does your father need? Say goodbye to the ordinary and give him a present as individual and appreciated as he is.
House plants for Father’s Day not only break the gift giving rut, but Father’s Day gift plants also bring lasting beauty that fits your dad’s one-a-kind style and personality. Finally, plants have many therapeutic benefits, from cleaning indoor air to boosting focus and mood, making them an entirely healthier and happier gift option for dad.

Dad-Pleasing Father’s Day Gift Plants

Our Father’s Day gift plants are a brilliant offering of traditional and contemporary varieties sure to satisfy every father’s taste. Start dad off with the New Plant Parents Bundle, the best bundle if he’s new to taking care of plants. It includes three hard-to-kill green kids to give him a head start. Every day can be a tropical vacation for your dad with the Pineapple Plant with Fruit with its breezy foliage and tasty fruit that he can replant. Our Father’s Day gift plants not only add fun to your father’s life. They can provide lifelong companionship.

A One-Of-A-Kind Gift for Dad

If you’re scratching your head about how to choose the perfect Father’s Day gift plants for your father, Lively Root makes shopping easy to do. We’ve combined over a century of horticulture know-how to guide you in making the most thoughtful decision in Father’s Day gift plants possible. Aside from location (indoors or out), sunlight, and watering needs, we recommend finding a plant that also matches your dad’s personality and lifestyle. From pet-friendly plants to care levels, you can narrow down your choices with a bit of attention to detail.

Father’s Day Gifting Made Easy

Best of all, once you’ve found the best Father’s Day gift plants, you’ll never have to take chances with delivery. We take the guesswork out of shipping live plants to dad with fast and reliable delivery everywhere in the continental United States. Your Father’s Day gift plants arrive immediately and in superb condition, ready to be a bright spot for your dad year after year.