Father's Day: Questions & Answers

Are Plants a Good Father's Day Present?

Father's Day Plants are the best present a dad could ask for. Whether sending a plant friend for his home, office, garden or patio a Father's Day plant is the perfect way to liven up his space and remind him of you. Popular Father's Day plants for Dad include:

Fiddle Leaf FigVariegated Snake PlantFabian Aralia StumpGiant Bird of Paradise & Japanese aralia

Dad's are hard to buy for but they will appreciate a unique, healthy, and lively plant for Father's Day.  Plants easily become a new hobby and topic of conversation for dad as well something he can look at to be reminded of you.

What is the best gift for Father's Day?

Plants are absolutely the best gift for Father's Day!  Plants represent growth, persistence, the beauty of nature and life.  They give your dad a hobby and also make the world around him a more welcoming place.

The best thing about plants for Fether'sDay?  You can never have enough of them and you know he doesn't "already have it."  You cannot go wrong with a healthy, vibrant plant delivered straight to his door with care.

What do you get a Dad for Father's Day that has everything?

A dad can never have too many plants!  A lively new plant is the perfect gift for the dad who has everything. Even if dad already has a snake plant, a golden pathos or a fiddle leaf fig, he probably wants another one or something new!  There are millions of plant species and dad can never have enough.  Dad will love the geometric patterns of the Montsera, the hearty nature of the ZZ Plant  or the rare cool factor the Fabian Aralia Stump brings.