5 Ways to Perk Up Your Patio

By: Lively Root
December 7, 2021
5 Ways to Perk Up Your Patio
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Transform your patio area into a lush oasis with some of our favorite outdoor plants. When it comes to enjoying your outdoor space it’s all about the little things that will bring your life joy and let's face it plants . It’s so much fun adding to an outdoor area because the possibilities are endless!  

From grouping plants, to making a colorful vibrant corner, to welcoming all the birds and insects. You can transform any outdoor space into the tropical getaway of your dreams! All you’ll need is some great plants to get you started. If you're adding to your outdoor space i'm sure you'll need some of the plants below to liven up your area. 

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1. Low Maintenance Plants  

If you're looking for some plants that are low maintenance, these are the ones to add to your outdoor space. They are easy care and won't cause you too much trouble with having to water them too much. They still enjoy will enjoy your company though! 

Schefflera Gold Capella

Hawaiian Ti Plant

Assorted Echeveria 4-Pack - Succulents

2. Group Colorful Plants Together

Add some color palates to your outdoor area with some of our favorite colorful plants. You can group these to give them your own style, or create a color palette that will WOW all of your guests. These ones are perfect for you! We have a variety of colorful Calla's that will turn your garden into a beautiful oasis!  

 Calla Lily 

Blooming Superba Double Begonia

 Tuscan Blue Rosemary


3. In Need of Privacy Please

 In need of some privacy? We completely understand and don't worry we got you! Our Star Jasmine gets these wonderfully scented, white, star-like flowers growing on an evergreen vine. In early to late spring, the flowers bloom with residual blooms throughout the summer. Observe its fast-growth up to 6 feet in a single season! Use on a porch rail, trellis, arbor, or as a privacy screen. It makes a lush ground cover too.

Star Jasmine

4. Grow Bulbs 

We have a huge range of bulbs that are perfect for any outdoor space. They bring so much life to a garden and are also amazing for grouping with other plants. 


5. Create a Tropical Getaway

A patio or outdoor space is a great place to bring your loved ones together. It's all about making memories with the people you care about. Who needs a tropical getaway when you can create one with some fun plants, maybe a pool and great company! Pass us the tropical drinks and we're inviting ourselves. 

Pygmy Date Palm

Split Leaf Philodendron

Sago Palm

We’re plant people so it’s easy to say plants bring us so much joy! Here are some outdoor patios that really brighten our day and hopefully inspire you to add to your outdoor space.