Black Friday - 30% Off Everything (Including Subscriptions and Gifts!)

By: Hannah McWhorter
November 4, 2021
Black Friday - 30% Off Everything (Including Subscriptions and Gifts!)
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With the holidays fast approaching, it's a time for gathering with family, giving thanks, sharing gifts, and maybe some frenzied shopping if you're caught up in the rush of Black Friday. Even though Cyber Monday has made things a little easier for folks, there is still a deluge of customers taking to the stores, hoping for the best deals of the year. Here's a fun fact: did you know the term "Black Friday" comes from the manufacturing industry? A trend developed in the early 1950s where factory workers would call in sick the day after Thanksgiving, so much so that some factories would shut down for the day due to the lack of employees in attendance! Where once their windows would be lit and lines roaring, instead, factories would stay shut down, their lights off, and facilities "blacked out." Thus, the name Black Friday was born! Cyber Monday is a bit more recent, having been coined in 2005, to help disperse some of Black Friday's crowds and hectic atmosphere by making products more readily available to consumers online. This holiday gave retailers space to breathe by allowing customers a chance to purchase from their stores, even when the shelves in their brick and mortar outlets had gone empty. Since then, both monikers have become synonymous with major discounts and some of the best holiday deals of the year. In that spirit, Lively Root is happy to join this trend with some amazing deals of our own!  

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We love helping to share our passion for plants. Not only do plants bring warmth and comfort to a home, but also pleasing aromas, stunning displays, and even air purification. What's more, plants are a gift that can mean a lot more than just a simple exchange, often seen as symbols that carry extra meaning. For example, roses symbolize romance, Asters for love, Baby's Breath for innocence. Some plants have more abstract meanings, such as Air Plants which symbolize freedom, Bonsai representing wisdom and harmony, or the common Cactus symbolizing protection and endurance! Maybe a friend or loved one would appreciate a little more of one of these virtues in their life, all in the form of a lovely, green addition to their home.  


Unfortunately, there is a dark side to these holidays. It's often a sad fact that with Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals comes an excess of boxes and packaging material. This often un-recyclable trash can exacerbate the existing issue of material waste generated by gift-giving holidays. We think that by gifting plants coming from a sustainable nursery, you can find a meaningful alternative that's beneficial to you, your giftees, and the environment! Many low-maintenance plants are easily cared for and preserved, allowing them to be a gift that keeps on giving year after year rather than only being used once to later be thrown away. With our sustainable packaging, eco-pots, and Arbor Day Foundation partnership, your gift won't add to mountainous landfills but instead contribute to environmentally friendly practices! Gifting green is great for the planet and can let your loved one know their gift made a difference (but the gift of a lovely plant doesn't hurt either)! Take a look here at some of our great and green deals:

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This year, consider looking at who among your friends and family could use a few plants in their home to make their holiday season a little warmer and more memorable. Who says Black Friday can't be green?