All About Our Eco Pots

By: Ashley Prybycien
June 5, 2021
All About Our Eco Pots
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Introducing our new eco-friendly pots! Lively Root is so excited about our new eco friendly planters that provide a green, fun way to help pot and store your plants. We wanted to share with you more details about the materials we chose to use for them and why, along with the exciting range of colors we are able to produce them in. It is time to give your plants a happy ECO makeover!

What they’re made of:

Our new eco-friendly pots are made with the highest grade recycled materials we could find. We chose to use rice hulls and other natural binding agents, which are starch-based, water-soluble, and bio-degradable. No pollutants are used or produced at any stage of the manufacturing process. All scraps are recycled in the production process, no materials are wasted. Only a small amount of water is used in the binding formula, and the organic pigments are all environmentally friendly. 

One of the ways we contribute to the health of our planet is by offering this new selection of eco-friendly planters. They are made of a unique blend of recycled plastics and natural stone, have a lifespan of over 10 years, and are completely recyclable.

They are durable and UV resistant making them a staple for both indoor and outdoor planting. That means staying earth-friendly no matter the occasion, making them not only a great addition to your home garden, but a great gift for family and friends! Regardless of your use, they are hardy enough to take on any environment. 

We carry 4 different color ways for our Lively Root pots - so no matter your decor style we have one for your space! From light, bright white Coconut tones, to the more early Chai variant, we have an option to fit any space. Take a look below at samples of these four unique colors!



Earl grey 




Check out our Eco Pots here to learn more about these eco friendly planters!

Eco Pots are one of the many ways that Lively Root are trying to give back to the planet. We are also partnering with The Arbor Day Foundation to help create more green spaces across the globe. We truly believe that through small actions like the replacement of one non-bio-degradable pot or the planting of one tree, we can together take steps towards a healthier future. 

A portion of our proceeds will go towards the Arbor Day Foundation’s global reforestation efforts. Through our “Picks for a Purpose” campaign, we plan to match every plant purchased from our site with a tree planted for the Arbor Day Foundation. We hope to help them reach their goal of planting 100 million trees by 2022! Learn more about our partnership with the Arbor Day Foundation here, and learn more about their efforts on their website here!