Lucky & Colorful Plants For Lunar New Year

By: Hannah McWhorter
January 28, 2022
Lucky & Colorful Plants For Lunar New Year
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While many of us are still settling into 2022, February invites the Chinese New Year. Now is the ideal time to continue reflecting, and focus on how 2022 can serve us better– whether we're looking to change our financial outlook, our success (whatever that might mean for you), our relationships with ourselves and others, or if you're simply looking to stay more grounded. In Chinese tradition, specific colors speak to those very qualities, and we can better manifest what we want out of life by surrounding ourselves with specific 'lucky' colors. A common expression of this is to revitalize your home with flowers, selecting colors pertinent to your desires and needs. To manifest the abundance you're looking for and connect with your best self, we've chosen several plants that we love that you can place in your home as we welcome in the year of the tiger!


Red is believed to promote good fortune, happiness, and success, while also adding that sense of warmth, comfort, and vibrance to your home. Being something of a favorite in China, red is a great place to start, as you start manifesting for the new year ahead. There are a lot of red plants out there, so to help with your selection, here are just a few varieties of red flowers that we love.


Mini Carnations

As well as cultivating success and good fortune, these mini carnations bear a lush, dark crimson red and may even add an ornate, nouveau-like flourish to your home.


Sedona Sunset Coleus

A great choice to stimulate success, these lavish sedonas were popular in Victorian England and sold once for considerable prices at auction houses. Still prized but definitely more affordable, this sedona will add a sense of warmth and comfort to your home with year-round colors of coppery deep red and subtle shades of burgundy.


Flamingo Flower

If darker shades don't speak to you, or if you're simply looking to liven up your home as well as promote success and happiness, the flamingo flower's heart-shaped leaves bear a vibrant, bright grapefruit shade of red. This flower is also a traditional gift, across several traditions, to signify well-wishes or commemorate a new friendship.

Guzmania Bromeliad

Though relatively low-maintenance, this bromeliad will still reward you with a gorgeous garnet red bloom while also offering a tropical sensibility to your home, as you welcome in your year of success.



Once reserved for emperors and royalty in Chinese society, yellow is considered the color of wealth, good fortune, power, and prosperity. If this year's focus for you is bettering your financial outlook or advancing your career, you might consider one of these options.


'Be My Main Squeeze' Calla Lily

The tall bright green stems which bloom into bell-shaped flowers– ranging from sunset orange to a vibrant yellow– definitely make this something of a statement piece to welcome in a year of abundance in your home.


Croton Iceton

If you enjoy variegated plants with a range of colors but still want to promote a prosperous year ahead, the croton iceton is a beautiful option. This Malaysian native plant bears lavish, multicolored leaves of copper, burgundy, greens, and of course, yellow.



The hardy and relatively low-maintenance rainbow succulent, across all of its variations of colors, represents love and endurance. If you want the added focus of good fortune and prosperity, the grapefruit-shaded yellow bloom of this plant will brighten your room with its year-round color.



Green is the traditional color of healing, harmony, and good health– perfect for grounding yourself for the year ahead. Here are just a few of our favorite green varieties to get you started.


Money Tree

If you're looking to add a grounding, harmonious element to your home, we love this pet-safe, beginner-friendly money tree which bears gorgeous braided stems that spiral upward into its richly dark green leaves. It's also known for growing at a considerable rate, representing abundance and reward.



With its 'coin-shaped' green clusters and coppery edges, this succulent is widely popular across many cultures and traditions for its association with good fortune and prosperity. It's not uncommon to find it in the entrances of businesses and homes. These factors make the jade plant a recognizable classic, as you promote harmony and good health in your home.


Even though white is commonly associated with death in Chinese tradition, it also represents purity, serenity, peace, and even innocence. With death comes renewal; the old year passes and we welcome in the new. If you're looking to add that sense of calm and comfort to your home, we have a few options to get you started.


White Stripe Dragon Tree

Unlike the Western traditions, which associate the dragon with aggressive tendencies, the Chinese dragon represents wisdom, knowledge, strength, and prosperity. The White Stripe Dragon Tree aptly represents its namesake's qualities and promotes a sense of purity in your home. The juices of the plant, according to tradition, are said to resemble the blood of a dragon. The white of the plant is found in beautiful broad streaks against its contrasting green leaves.


Star Jasmine

The star jasmine is prized for being highly aromatic, which can add a blanketing, inviting layer of calm to your home. We love it for its lush canopy of foliage and delicate cluster of flowers.



Purple, in Chinese tradition, is commonly associated with love. It also represents other spiritual qualities such as the divine, immortality, and a connection with one's self. To promote love and affection for the new year, try one of the following to add to your home.

Tillandsia bulbosa Air Plant

Air plants are a great option if you're looking for something relatively low maintenance while also adding a unique flair. We especially love this gorgeous winding, spindly bulbosa to help you manifest love and affection for the year ahead.


Wanderlust Tradescantia Zebrina

Another variegated plant, bearing trailing leaves of lush green, soft silver, and a sangria purple, the zebrina is excellent for people who love to hang their plants. It is also noted for its dense, almost succulent-like leaves.