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A Fortunate Gift for the Lunar New Year

Millions of people celebrate Chinese New Year all over the world. Apart from greeting each other "Kung Hei Fat Choi" (“May you be prosperous!”) hanging red lanterns, eating lots of food with family, and enjoying fireworks, more and more celebrants give Chinese New Year gift plants to mark the occasion. Like many Chinese New Year traditions, the gift of plants has a deeper meaning for the beginning of the lunar new year. Therefore, house plants for Chinese New Year aren't just about what looks good, although much appreciated, but their symbolic meaning. If you want to spread best wishes to your loved ones for Chinese New Year, this Chinese New Year gift plants page has our most popular suggestions on what house plants will greet good fortune for the Lunar New Year!

When you send Chinese New Year gift plants from Lively Root, you will express the right sentiment for the occasion. While each plant may have different meanings, the gift of a house plant on its own is universally understood as wishing the recipient good luck and that you’re thinking of them. Whether for home or business, there isn’t a more generous gift embodying good fortune and wealth than our Money Tree and Money Plant. Both are popular worldwide for their Feng Shui properties to improve your good luck. Chinese New Year gift plants are indeed the most “auspicious plants” you can give for the New Year. Best of all, all our selections are easy to grow and fun to care for, so they genuinely come from the heart.

There are many kinds of plants from our Chinese New Year gift plants that bring good luck for the Lunar New Year. However, when you give house plants as gifts for any occasion, rest assured that you are also providing the gift of good health. Apart from their natural beauty, plants have many therapeutic effects, from reducing stress to improving indoor air quality. As a result, when you send Chinese New Year gift plants from our nursery to your recipient’s doorstep, you are sending more than your good wishes and good luck for the occasion.