Make your Reading Nook an Escape with Plant Decor

By: Hannah McWhorter
February 13, 2023
Make your Reading Nook an Escape with Plant Decor
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Plants have the power to transform any room into a peaceful and inviting space, making them the perfect addition to a cozy reading nook. Whether you prefer to curl up with a good book in a comfy armchair or lounge in a hammock, incorporating plants around your reading space is a simple and effective way to spark imagination and make the space special. From hanging baskets to bookends, there are many creative ways to use plants as decor in your reading nook. We have some fun ideas on using plants to bring a touch of nature to your reading space and create a serene haven for relaxation and rejuvenation!

Shelving Solutions

If you have shelves in your reading nook, use them to display your indoor plants in a creative and eye-catching way. You can use plants to surround and showcase your books and other items on your shelves, especially if you pick trailing plants like English Ivy or Golden Pothos. Group smaller plants like succulents in pots on the shelves or hang pots using hooks and macrame hangers.

Bookends with a Twist

Want to take your plant decor to a new level? Use plants as bookends to add a pop of green to your bookshelf while dividing your collection. Worried about low-light on the shelves? No worries - plants like the Snake Plant or the ZZ Plant can handle the shade. Use different plants to indicate different genres, or get inspired and pick plants based off the books they are supporting!


Escape into the Jungle

Tall floor plants can make a statement in a reading nook and instantly bring a sense of nature and privacy to the space. If you have a large enough corner, consider adding a Fiddle Leaf Fig or Ruby Rubber Plant. These plants have tall, slender trunks and lush, expansive leaves that will add a touch of greenery and also create a visual barrier for extra privacy. These spaces are another great space for a Snake Plant if you want something lower maintenance! These tough and hardy plants are perfect for those who don't have a green thumb, as they can thrive in low-light conditions and infrequent watering. Position your tall floor plants near a window or under a light source to give them the proper care they need to flourish and enjoy a little piece of the jungle in your reading nook.