Mother's Day Plants Collection

Mother’s Day Plants Buying Guide

Searching for a heartfelt and distinctive Mother’s Day gift? Consider the joy of delivering plants! Gifting plants is a deeply meaningful way to express gratitude and love to your mom. Beyond their aesthetic appeal, plants offer enduring benefits: they enliven spaces, boost moods, and alleviate stress. Acting as natural air purifiers, they cleanse the home's atmosphere of pollutants. Regarding style, plants are a perennial choice, seamlessly integrating elegance and grace into home décor.

For Mother’s Day, the ideal selection spans from the vibrant hues of medium-sized Begonias and Flamingo Flowers to the grandeur of the Giant Bird of Paradise and the tropical allure of the Coconut Palm. Each plant, with its unique charm, promises to be a cherished addition to your mother’s living space.

Mother's day plant

How do you choose the right plant for your mother?

Selecting the ideal Mother's Day gift from a myriad of plant options might seem daunting if you're unsure of your mom's favorite. Simplify your search with Lively Root’s Gift Finder, a tool designed to pinpoint the perfect plant variety for this special occasion. To refine your choices, consider these key factors:

Growing Conditions

Consider factors like light conditions, climate, and level of care. If your mom has a busy schedule and little time for plant care, get one of our easy house plants that won’t require too much care and attention. Plants that love light and can grow outdoors will be a good option if there’s available patio space in her home. 

Plant Size vs. Available Space

Some larger plants, like the stylish Split Leaf Philodendron, may require higher ceilings and larger spaces. Alternatively, small plants, like the miniature Neoregelia Bromeliad, or hanging plants will be the perfect fit for a smaller home.

Pet-Friendly Options

Many plants are toxic if ingested by pets. If your mom has a pet, choose one of the pet-friendly plants that will look great and be safe for cats and dogs.

Select From A Wide Range of Different Varieties

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There are plenty of choices when selecting Mother’s Day plant gifts – some plants are flowering varieties with beautiful blooms, while others have attractive leaves. No matter whether you need indoor or outdoor plants for Mother’s Day, you’ll find amazing varieties for your mom among Lively Root’s carefully selected collections.

Vriesea splendens (Evita Vriesea Bromeliad)

  • Distinctive traits: Elegantly curved green leaves with a central sword-shaped, colorful flower spike 
  • Care level: Easy to care for
  • Climate: Loves warmth and humidity; can be kept outdoors in indirect sunlight, where temperatures stay above 64°F
  • Further benefits: Great pet-friendly tropical plant; also, easy to propagate from the pups that form on the side of the plant

African Violet (Saintpaulia)

  • Distinctive traits: Small plant with velvety rounded leaves and violet-like flowers
  • Care level: Easy to care for 
  • Climate: Loves warmth and medium humidity; best grown indoors or outdoors where temperatures remain above 65°F 
  • Further benefits: Comes in a range of different colors; pet-friendly 


  • Distinctive traits: Small plant with thick, fleshy leaves and numerous blooms
  • Care level: Easy to care for
  • Climate: Prefers warm temperatures; outdoors, it doesn’t tolerate temperatures below 60°F
  • Further benefits: This fun succulent is known for its lengthy blooming period and comes in a variety of colors 

Pygmy Date Palm Tree

  • Distinctive traits: Indoor and outdoor palm with fronds growing from a stumpy low trunk formed of old leaf bases  
  • Care level: Easy to care for
  • Climate: Prefers warm temperatures; if grown outdoors, nighttime temperatures should remain above 50°F
  • Further benefits: Can grow from six to twelve feet tall; elegant palm for interior decoration

Mother’s Day Plants: Care Guide

Mother's day plant delivery

Care Upon Arrival

Water your Mother’s Day plants upon arrival and position in an appropriate place with sufficient light. Use our Jungle Calculator to help you choose the right place if you’re unsure where to put the plant gift

Repotting and Choosing the Right Soil

Most plants will not need repotting right away. Choose the right soil for your Mother’s Day plant when it grows large enough to be repotted. Succulents and other plants that don’t like excessive moisture require well-draining soil. You can also mix in some perlite to ensure good drainage. Pots must have large enough drainage holes so the soil doesn’t get soggy. 

Watering, Fertilizer, and Growing Conditions

As a rule, water your plant when 2 inches of the top soil feel dry to the touch. Feed your plants a balanced fertilizer during their growing season (spring through early fall). Plants vary in how much warmth and humidity they require. Remember to check each plant’s requirements before choosing the right spot in your home for them. You can consult Lively Root’s comprehensive Plant Care Guides to learn more about your plants’ needs.

Common Issues

If you see your plant’s leaves turning yellow, don’t panic. This is possibly the result of overwatering. Check the soil, and refrain from watering if it’s moist. Check the leaves for pests. If the leaves look crisp and brown, the plant might be overexposed to light. Move it out of direct sunlight and water if the soil is dry. Clean your plant’s leaves occasionally to remove dust.

Make Your Mom’s Day With Lively Root’s Amazing Plants!