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Our low maintenance house plants are perfect for first-time plant parents and people who don't have green thumbs. They’re not just succulents either — this collection of low care house plants also features foliage plants, ivies, trees, and blooms.

Easy-going Plants

Low maintenance house plant bundles

Our plant bundles are the quickest and easiest way to add a lot of greenery to your home, with very little effort. Our expert team has put together the perfect combinations of low care house plants so you can snap up a whole bunch at once. Look out for our snakes and spiders — not creepy creatures, but two tropical house plants. The combination of thick blade-shaped foliage and thin spiky leaves make these two perfect partners. Or, for a floral touch, look for our kalanchoes. These flowering succulents have orange, pink, red, and yellow blooms.  

Add a tropical touch with low care house plants

Some of the least fussy plant delivery options are ones that come from the tropics. Usually, they're happy with some bright indirect light, a bit of mist, and occasional watering. Depending on the tropical plant you choose, some can go for weeks between watering. For example, the ZZ plant prefers its soil to dry out completely before being saturated. Choose from palm trees that can grow to ceiling-skimming heights, or go for short shrub-like plants with glossy leaves. Either way, these low maintenance house plants will brighten up your home with their foliage.

Discover low maintenance plants in all shapes and sizes

If you've got a lot of space to fill, our Bountiful large plants are perfect. They sit on the floor and instantly grab attention, making the perfect focal point for your living room. Look out for plants that prefer low levels of light if you want to keep them in dark spaces like hallways. If you're in the market for a desktop companion, our Lil’ Bit small plants are as cute as can be. Low maintenance choices include spider plants, money trees, and golden pothos. Finally, our medium plants are just right if you're looking for a centerpiece or a feature for a side table.

Insta-famous or under-the-radar — find your favorite low care house plants

Our collection of easy-care plants includes covetable options like the money plant, which is beloved by Scandinavian interior designers. It also includes a few offbeat choices, like stump shrubs and mini palms.