9 Plant Gifts Based on Your 2023 New Year's Resolution

By: Hannah McWhorter
December 29, 2022
9 Plant Gifts Based on Your 2023 New Year's Resolution
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New Year's Resolutions help us push ourselves to grow every year. Whether big or small, the promise to ourselves to do better inspires us to change for the better as we step into the new year. To help you start off your journey, we have put together a list of New Year's Resolutions as well as what gifts you can consider to help treat yourself to a good start!


Explore New Hobbies and Passions that are Motivating

Starting a new hobby can give us a creative outlet, help us center, and even spark a new path in our lives. From a new craft to picking up a handy hobby, we love to see people try something new. For those of you who know someone looking to give plant-parenting a try,we have put together a whole collection of easy-care plants that are perfect for new plant parents! Foster your green thumb and give growing a shot this year.


Take More Time for your Mental Health

The past few years have brought added stress into our lives that can sometimes be hard to manage. Taking time to invest into your mental health can make all the difference. Around this time of year, many people take up mental health pledges such as working with a therapist, committing to meditation time, or working to be more physical to improve mental health. Surrounding yourself with more greenery, while not at all a replacement for professional help, has been shown to also improve mood and help fight common mental health problems. Read more about studies that have been done in our article here, or in our article talking about Therapeutic Gardens as PTSD treatment. We have compiled a collection here of our suggestions for Wellness Plants to help you get started on your own sanctuary!


Share your Love of Plants with Others

Sharing is caring, especially in the plant community! Plant Swaps are growing in popularity, and gifting a propagation clipping is a great way to help someone else get their own plant collection started. To better share your plants, we recommend investing in a easy-to-propagate starter plant, or to just buy a full potted plant for your friends you want to expose to green gifting!


Build an Indoor Jungle

Redecorating your space is a great way to inspire and motivate yourself every time you walk into the room. What inspires us most is surrounding ourselves with greenery, creating an indoor jungle in our nooks and rooms. By junglifying your space, you can turn it into a paradise that helps you relax or creatively inspires you! We discount our big jungle bundles to help you get that perfect space started, and we even have a pet-friendly option!


Start Cooking More at Home

Nothing is wrong with enjoying food from a restaurant or delivering food when things get too busy, but many people make a pledge at the beginning of the year to cook more at home to save money or eat healthier. One way to make this easier is to start your own garden - few things are as rewarding as growing your own food from scratch and turning it into a flavorful meal! Here is a collection for ideas to get you started on growing your own herbs at home!


Start Composting

This is a big one - Composting takes some serious commitment, but the environmental pay off is work the change in your routine! Look into your local composting options, and consider a kitchen counter top compost container to add convenience. Remember that plant clippings and dead plants can be composted - check out our blog on the topic here!


Practice More Self-Care

A great resolution is to take more time for yourself. Self-care looks different for everyone, for some it might be taking time to decompress, scheduling in more reading time, or doing yoga in the mornings. For a lot of people, a great self-care activity is taking a luxurious bath or shower. One of our favorite easy and cheap additions to this experience is hanging eucalyptus or another herb in your shower or bathroom space for its scent that can elevate any normal shower into a spa-like experience!


Make a Green Pledge

Making the choice to be greener in your life is a great New Year's Resolution! From composting and recycling to volunteering in local environmental groups, there are many ways to get involved in being greener. One way we like to be greener is through our partnership with the Arbor Day Foundation, a non-profit doing great work to plant trees in areas with the most need. Learn more about our partnership and the Arbor Day Foundation's mission here.


Spend Quality Time with Family

Taking more time out of our busy schedule can be touch, but it is crucial when it means spending more time with our families or loved ones. Plan fun activity nights, pull out the backyard tent, or come up with a fun family-friendly craft idea to have a fun and engaging night with family. Consider planting new seeds and watching plants grow with one of our Accessory Seed Kits - it is a great way to teach kids about biology and plants!