7 Ways to Style Live Plants for the Bathroom

Try these seven ways to style your live plants for your bathroom and give it the feel of a bougie spa retreat. Buy our live plants online!

By: Debbie Neese
May 18, 2022
7 Ways to Style Live Plants for the Bathroom
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A bathroom is a perfect environment for an indoor plant since she will get lots of humidity, heat, and extra attention! When you're taking that hot bubble bath or that steam shower, your plant will join in with delight, and her leaves will take in all the extra moisture for her own spa treatment! 


DIY New Plant Spaces

Build a set of shelving units on the backside of your shower/tub area (hopefully near a window) for a seating place for trailing vines like our Lipstick Plant (PF - Pet Friendly) or humid-loving Calathea's and Maranta's. Both love consistent moisture in the soil and humidity near their leaves. The Prayer plants are so colorful since they have those gorgeous and unique markings on their leaves. Enjoy their underside as they fold up as the sun goes down! 

And, of course, window sills are the next place plants like to hang out! So if you're a DIYer, reverse course and attach a window box on this side of the window. So why not switch it up and enjoy the view from the interior too! 



Group your Plants in the Bathroom

If you have a wide seating area in the shower area with a window to let in lots of light, add a larger plant (Areca Butterfly Palm), a mid-size (Philodendron Birkin), and a smaller one (Bird's Nest Fern- PF) in a grouping. Place all your bathing essentials in a similar-looking container (with drainage holes) to coincide with the overall look. And while you're bathing, give them a little spritz on the leaves will keep them extra happy! 

Here's a plant styling idea if you have a clawfoot tub or soaking tub. Find an antique ladder and hang it on chains from the ceiling. Then place lots of hanging houseplants down from the ladder right above your bathtub. Then, when you're bathing, you can look up and feel like you're in a lagoon! 


Other Humid Loving Bathroom Plants

Perch a growing Monstera on a high stool and let his aerial roots crawl up a trellis nestled inside your container. His leaves will reach for the windows, so keep him nearby them! He'll love the humidity the extra water will give his leaves too! 

And while you're taking the mineral bath amongst the candles, you must have your pearls on. The String of Pearls that is. Why she is most delicate and would love to have a 'spa evening' with her plant parent! To instill a romantic evening with pearls and all, add our frilly Boston Fern. He'll be the frond in your swag! 

Create your green wall with colorful succulents if you love a little live wall art. Buy our plants online, select the Motley Crew Echeveria for the larger ones, and then tuck in the Cutie Little Baby Succulents. If you don't feel like crafting, we have that covered too! Order our fresh succulent wreaths to hang on the bathroom door or over the toilet!