Best Plants For The Bathroom

Bathroom Plants Buying Guide & Care Tips

Improve your bathroom’s visual appeal and air quality with house plants that thrive in humid environments. Live indoor plants are a beautiful addition to bathroom interiors, but more than that, they are excellent natural moisture absorbers. They help maintain a healthy atmosphere in your home, acting as air purifiers, neutralizing unpleasant odors, and preventing mold and mildew buildups.

Relax in your thoughtfully decorated bathroom, styled with an eye-catching display of air plants - the ideal low-maintenance, no-mess plants, as they don’t require soil to grow. You can also transform your ensuite with fragrant flowering plants, such as peace lilies or a Coffee plant, which will fill the air with a sweet aroma when they bloom.

Bathroom Plants

Select the Right Bathroom Plant From Our Curated Collection

Whether your bathroom is light or dark, spacious or on the small side, our collection has a wide range of gorgeous plants to suit your specific needs. From a variety of snake plants, ideal for low-light bathrooms, to some lovely ferns flourishing in humid spaces, we’ve got you covered! 

For a bathroom with no windows, pick the Golden Pothos, which eliminates bed smells while tolerating minimal light. Or opt for the Chinese evergreen that enjoys high humidity and can thrive under artificial light alone. 

Regarding the size of your bathroom space, you’ll be again spoiled for choice. Choose from our small plants collection or make a stunning larger plant, like the splendid Dwarf Cavendish Banana Tree, the focal point of your bathroom interior.

Boston Fern (Nephrolepis exaltata)

  • Distinct features: Boston Fern is a pet-friendly woodland plant with bushy fronds that enjoys growing in places with high humidity. Place it on a shelf or in a hanging planter for aesthetically pleasing effect.
  • Properties: It’s one of the best moisture-absorbing bathroom plants, purifying the air.
  • Light & humidity: It requires indirect light and enjoys high humidity. 
  • Level of care: Easy 
  • Toxicity: Pet-friendly

Velutina Air Plant (Tillandsia)

  • Distinct features: The unusual-looking Velutina Air Plant is a small tropical plant with olive green leaves that turn bright red when it blooms; it’s an epiphyte that doesn’t require soil and can grow in seashells, terrariums, and hanging planters. 
  • Properties: Absorbs water from the air
  • Light & humidity: It requires bright, indirect light and high humidity and good air circulation.
  • Level of care: Requires some extra care 
  • Toxicity: Pet-friendly

English Ivy Plant (Hedera helix)

  • Distinct features: English Ivy is a resilient climbing plant with trailing stems and lovely vivid green leaves; it can be grown as a hanging or climbing plant. 
  • Properties: One of the best plants for fighting mold, English Ivy removes 78% of airborne mold; it filters a range of harmful pollutants.
  • Light & humidity: Prefers low to medium indirect sunlight and enjoys light humidity; it needs good air circulation. 
  • Level of care: Easy 
  • Toxicity: Toxic to ingest 

Venus Fly Trap (Dionaea muscipula)

  • Distinct features: The Venus Fly Trap is a unique carnivorous plant with hinged bean-shaped “traps” at the ends of its short stems that the plant uses to capture insects. 
  • Properties: It can help you eliminate drain flies and other small bathroom pest insects.
  • Light & humidity: It’s ideal for well-lit bathrooms with windows, as it prefers bright, direct light and plenty of humidity. 
  • Level of care: Easy 
  • Toxicity: Toxic to ingest

Plants for the Bathroom: Care & Maintenance Tips

Best Plants For Bathroom

Keeping your bathroom plants thriving is straightforward once you know what varieties are good for this space in your home and what they need to thrive. So, consider the following care tips:

  • Light requirements: Many of the best bathroom plants thrive in indirect light, while some low-light bathroom plants can grow even in minimal light. Leggy stems and yellowing leaves indicate that your plant needs more light. You can help your plants by adding artificial lights, especially if your bathroom has no windows.
  • Watering and feeding: Because of high humidity, moisture-loving plants, like bromeliads and ferns, are often the best for bathroom decoration. You still need to water your plants regularly, but watch out for diseases and bacteria which can develop due to excessive moisture. Some plants, like succulents and cactus, don’t grow well in highly humid locations. Water less frequently if you notice that your plants’ soil is getting soggy. Use a balanced fertilizer to promote new growth and keep your plants nourished.
  • Pruning, cleaning, and repotting: Prune any yellowing leaves or long stems to keep your plants in shape. Wipe the leaves or give your bathroom plant an occasional shower to remove accumulated dust. Most bathroom plants for sale don’t require repotting immediately, but when necessary, choose a slightly larger pot and the correct potting mix.

Transform Your Bathroom With Live Houseplants From Lively Root

Bathroom plant buying guide

Introduce some greenery into your bathroom space with indoor plants for bathroom interiors. From lush displays of hanging plants to terrariums featuring small plants for the bathroom, you can create stunning plant arrangements to your taste. Not only will they add style and charm to the interior, but bathroom plants can also improve the air quality and remove foul odors. 

Explore our hand-picked bathroom plant collection to find the perfect variety and add a vibrant note to your home spa interior! Or why not get a beautiful and beneficial plant gift for friends and family? Lively Root will deliver your selection of bathroom plants right to your doorstep or to the recipient’s address!

Style Your Bathroom With Gorgeous, Moisture-loving Plants From Lively Root!