Father's Day Gift Guide 2023

By: Lively Root
June 5, 2023
Father's Day Gift Guide 2023
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Father's Day is just around the corner and lets face it, golf, whiskey, and power tools are kinda played out. It's time to celebrate your Dad, and any other father figures in your life, in a unique way that shows how much they have helped you grow. There's no better way to do this than with a new live plant.

To help out, we've put together a Father's Day gift guide to help you shop for all the Dads and Plant Dads out there! We have everything from the beginner friendly La Rubia Snake Plant to the tropical Coconut Palm.  


The Dad Jokes Expert 

Dad Jokes

If your Dad loves to tell cringe worthy jokes, why not get him a live plant to go along with the punch line! Check out these Dad joke themed plants or get creative and try out one of your own.

Why shouldn't you ever argue with a cactus? Because they have too many points.

What did the Boston Fern say to the Bird's Nest Fern when they were planted next to each other?  Let's be best ferns!

The Grill Master Dad

Culinary Herb 4-pack

Dad probably doesn't need another kitchen gadget this year, instead help him take his grilling to the next level with our Chef's Lively Herb 4 Pack. He can have the satisfaction of growing his own fresh herbs and creating new recipes.  

A cookout isn't complete without a refreshing drink. Give your Dad more bragging rights by also giving him Cocktail Herbs 4 Pack to make a new signature drink. 


The Pet Dad

Pet Safe Plants

Dad shouldn't have to chose between his fur baby and a new plant baby. Get him a live plant that is pet safe so they can live together in harmony.  You can chose from a Bird's Nest Fern, Chinese Money Plant, or even the colorful Amazonian Zebra Bromeliad. These plants are all easy to careful and pet safe, so dad doesn't need to worry. 

The Office Dad

Aralia Fabian Stump 

Want to give Dad something nice for his desk at work and to liven the space up? Take a look at some unique desk plants like the Aralia Fabian Stump or Sansevieria Moonshine. It'll give him something to remind him of your love during the work day. 


Our Father's Day Collection has something special for every Dad to meet his plant needs. Each plant is hand selected by our experts, so you can feel confident that he is getting the best quality plant. Shop our entire collection to find the perfect gift this Father's Day.