Father's Day Plant Gift Guide

By: Hannah McWhorter
May 27, 2022
Father's Day Plant Gift Guide
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Father's Day lets us celebrate the many father figures in our lives. From our given family to those in our lives who have become father figures for us, this day is perfect for showing your appreciation for those who have guided us. Whether helping with a handy project or just being there when we need them most, many of us have dads or father figures that helped shape us into who we are today. We have put together a gift guide to help show your appreciation on Father's Day for the different fathers in your life!


Your Dad or Grandfather

Aralia Ming Stumps or Aralia Fabian Stumps make great gifts for a Dad or Grandpa. Symbolic of the strength of a tree, these plants show appreciation for the strong support that father figures can provide throughout your life. This plant is solid, bold, and steady - just like an always-there-for-you dad.


For the New Dad

New Dads are going through a transformational period in their lives. Taking care of a little one can take a lot of energy, especially when sleep isn't always on the agenda! When gifting plants to new Dads, pick something low-maintenance so you aren't adding more to their full plate! Boston Ferns are a hardy pick and have the added bonus of being captivating for children too! On top of that, they are a great natural air purifier and are non-toxic in case any wandering little hands that get TOO curious.


For a Father-Like Figure

Sometimes it is the chosen family in our lives that we wish to celebrate. Father figures, from old mentors to uncles, can be key support systems in our lives that we love to celebrate. Elephant Ear Alocasia Regal Shield plants are known for acting as a protective umbrella for small plants and animals, the perfect symbolism for the supportive chosen father figure in your life.


The Helpful Neighbor

There are many Dads and father figures we grow bonds with inside our communities. Neighbors who are always willing to help are a huge part of a strong-knit community. If you are lucky enough to know a father figure in your neighborhood who is always ready to give advice or help with projects, show them you care with a plant that also is helpful! The Pineapple Plant with Fruit is not only a thoughtful gift but is fruitful - literally! Eat the pineapple when it is ripe, or use it to replant for a new fruit!


For Your Husband/Partner

Finding a flower that expresses your love can be difficult. Let us help! The Flamingo Flower is a beautiful flower that is bold and architectural. Rather than the delicate blooms of many flowers, this plant has a red, heart-shaped leaf to express your feelings.


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