Use Your Indoor Plants for Holiday Tablescapes

Add your indoor plants to your next holiday tablescape with these ideas in mind. Your plants last longer than cut flowers and just as much pizazz! 

By: Lively Root
June 23, 2021
Use Your Indoor Plants for Holiday Tablescapes
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Each month we're either celebrating a favorite person's birthday or decorating for another national or religious holiday or throwing a party because we can! We're hoping to give you a few hints on how to make your next holiday tablescape easy-peasy while adding a lot of festivities to your event! We'll show you how to use things around the house to be economical, including your plant babies. 

Everyone needs a go-to-easy-to-do tablescape that's versatile for each celebration. So let's first gather all your smaller plants together. Pick out at least 3 to 5 that you want to use. If you have a cake or tiered stand, pull it out or borrow one from Mom. 

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Then raid the craft supply drawer and collect:


  • root hormone, soil, snippers, terracotta pots, planters, or glass jars
  • colored glass drops or colored crinkle paper filler
  • scrap papers, ribbons, trims, buttons
  • misc. themed statuary 
  • themed decorations, photographs
  • fabric scraps or small tablecloths


This themed 4th of July centerpiece is an example, so you can see how easy it is to go with your favorite version or style for your favorite holiday! 

Collect Your Ingredients for Assembly

Once you have all your craft supplies spread out on the table, you can begin creating coverings for your containers if they're not in the color scheme you want to stick with. We are using paper, ribbons, and trim to brighten the planters. You may get as elaborate and decorative as you like with the ingredients in your craft supply drawer. You can use colored paper, paints, ribbon, buttons, beads, rub-on letters, and stamping inks to create the looks displayed here. 


We are using lace and colored paper in reds and blues. Clay stars are already in the craft stash make an excellent supplement to the decor as well. 


How to Decorate the Planters with Themed Patterns

To decorate the planters for your favorite plants, cover each planter with your favorite decorative paper that harmonizes together in patterns, colors, and themes. Trace the pot and cut, then glue it onto the container. 



You can either tape or glue it on the side of the pots and trim edges with scissors. 




You can add extra embellishments to be as fancy or streamline as your craftbox allows. Here we're adding some old upholstery edging to the container. Add buttons or other ribbons too. 



Making Plant Babies

We are using seeding grower pots. You can root some plants ahead of time from cuttings, so you have smaller plants to work with for more variety. Take a cutting from an ivy or other plant, dip the end in water, then root hormone, and stick it in some potting mix to root. 



 Making the Stars

You can use a pattern from a cookie cutter to trace your star or find a pattern online. To make it easier, fold a piece of paper in half and trace the star, so you'll have the design on both sides. 



Keep one end connected and open to apply glue and fold over the other side, so the pattern is on both sides of the star. Cut out and glue together, then trim the edges if necessary. 



We used hydrangea stems to cut for the dowels. 



Cut two slits through the middle of the paper star to run the stick through. Slowly inch the stick between the two slits and add a dab of glue if needed.



Next, add your plants into the decorative pots, and you may choose to add moss on top to cover the soil as a finishing touch. You can even cut some cuttings and pop them into a jar. Add colorful glass pebbles to hold the roots and stem in place until it roots. 



 We used some leftover old lace from a vintage tablecloth to line the bottom of the tiered serving stand. Add the containers around the edges, making sure your plants aren't too tall. Add buttons, ribbons, or any other decor that screams the holidays are here to make it your style of 'festive!' 



 Add the 'stars and stripes' by inserting them into the soil of the planting. 



To give the flags a more antiqued look to go with the rest of the 'vintage' papers and decor, they were dipped in brewed tea for several minutes, then allowed to drip dry. The tea stained the colors just a bit to keep the overall look harmonized. 



Do this same assembly with other holidays on the horizon. Change out the colored papers, decor but keep your plants as part of the centerpiece. What an excellent way to utilize what you already have around your house! 


Plants to Use for this Project

Plants to use for a similar assembly in small size include:

Pink Polka Dot Plant

Maidenhair Fern

English Ivy Glacier

English Ivy Gold Child

ZZ Plant


Peperomia Ginny

Blooming Kalanchoe

Spider Plant

Schefflera Gold Capella

African Violets

Sweetheart Vine

Hoya Heart

Echeveria Succulents

Written by: Debbie Neese