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Birthday: Questions & Answers

Celebrate with colorful birthday plants

We're big fans of giving plants as gifts. That's why we've curated this collection of joyful plants that simply scream "happy birthday"! It wouldn't be a celebration without a flash of color, so we've included some of our most vibrant varieties. Flamingo flowers bloom throughout the year, and their flamboyant blossoms slowly change from red to pink to purple. For something less audacious, try a Chinese money plant. According to feng shui they can bring good fortune, and Scandi design experts love using them as sill plants. For something extra special, look out for our Grower's Choice centerpieces — these are carefully put-together displays featuring some of our most striking tropical plants.

Plant newbie or green-thumbed expert: birthday plants to suit all abilities

Whether your friend has never owned a plant before or basically has their own jungle, we've got birthday plants to suit every ability. Our easygoing plants aren't very fussy, and can happily handle a few weeks without water. Some of them — like the golden pothos — are known for being practically indestructible. More experienced plant parents might appreciate the challenge of our nurtured plants. These require a bit more care and attention, so it's best to save these for your most green-thumbed friends.

When to order plants for birthday gifts with delivery

Don't leave it to the last minute. We recommend ordering your birthday plants around 10 days before you plan to give it to your lucky friend or family member. It can take us two to three days to get your plant ready for shipping, and once it's with UPS it usually takes around a week to arrive. Most of our customers get their plants 7-10 days after ordering. We only deliver within the continental USA — before adding to your cart, check that there's no disclaimer under the 'add to cart' button. Some of our plants are restricted in certain states, but we'll always let you know in advance. Read more about our delivery information.