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NASA New Years - Air Purifying Plants: Questions & Answers

Air Cleaning Plants, a Breath of Fresh Air for Healthy Homes

The bad news is even if you live in an eco-friendly, energy-efficient home, having low airflow means having to live with indoor air pollution. These can eventually lead to or aggravate existing respiratory problems. They can also leave you and your loved ones feeling unhealthy. The good news is that, according to NASA, air-purifying plants can significantly decrease these dangerous toxins and germs inside your home and improve your overall air quality. The air purifying plants for delivery on this page not only work effectively, but they also work naturally. While you may not think of air-purifying plants for delivery when you buy plants for your home, more and more scientific studies have shown that they help you breathe better, among other health benefits.

Since you probably spend a lot of time indoors, we know you agree that the quality of the air you breathe must be on top of your list of priorities. It’s why we recommend our best bets for air-purifying plants for delivery to guide and inspire you to choose the type of plants well-suited for your home. Our family of English Ivy plants, for instance, minimize pollutants found in oils and varnishes, and fecal-matter particles. Best of all, they make beautiful and practical hanging plants that are easy to take care of. Of course, if you want air-purifying plants for delivery that are virtually indestructible, you can’t beat our collection of Golden Pothos plants. We have found them immensely successful in eliminating common indoor toxins, including carbon monoxide. Other plants we recommend are Dracaena, Snake Plant, and Peace Lily, among many others.

At Lively Root, we think of air-purifying plants for delivery as nature’s superheroes. You can add these plants affordably and quickly to your home to work wonders inside it. Want even more inspiration to consider air-purifying plants for delivery? They’re home-grown in our nursery and delivered straight to you. Finally, all Lively Root’s plants will benefit you physically and mentally in many other ways, from boosting your creativity and focus to reducing your stress!