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St. Patricks Day Plants: Questions & Answers

St. Patrick’s Day Gifts That Are Anything But Traditional


Celebrated around the world on March 17, St. Patrick’s Day commemorates Ireland’s foremost patron saint and Irish culture. One way anyone can celebrate Saint Patrick's Day is by wearing green clothing. Lively Root’s mission is to inspire and develop green spaces and we bring a whole new dimension to St. Patrick’s Day gift-giving by recommending giving plants. After all, what could be greener than plants for St. Patrick’s Day gift ideas that follow the tradition of sharing the gift of nature started by St. Patrick himself with his gift of shamrocks? Giving a plant as a St. Patrick’s Day gift updates an old favorite for a new generation.


Explore Creative Gift-Giving With Plants


Plants as St. Patrick’s Day gifts are a unique opportunity to unleash your creativity. For example, the Sweetheart Vine may start life with an electric pinkish-yellow color but will get greener with age. It’s also a variety that thrives even if your recipient lacks a green thumb, so it’s the ideal St. Patrick’s Day gift they can appreciate for a lifetime. If you need more sources of inspiration, giving a Lively Root gift card in different amounts from $10.00 to $500.00 is another gift of green of the money variety.


Plants Make A Powerful Statement


Not only are plants a step forward in St. Patrick’s Day gift-giving, but they also have an uncompromising commitment to the environment. At Lively Root, we care about our plants as much as we care about doing better for the environment from the ground up. Inspiring you to choose plants as St. Patrick’s Day gifts is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to giving something back to the planet. Not only do eco-friendly plants set the trend, but they also make out-of-the-box gifts unlike any other.


No Gift Will Be More Appreciated Like Plants


We might be biased towards the gift of plants for all occasions, but there’s no more appropriate day than one celebrated by wearing green. If you’ve chosen which plants to give as a St. Patrick’s Day gift, we’re at your service with fast and reliable shipping everywhere in the continental United States. You’ll never lose sleep that your St. Patrick’s Day gift of plants doesn’t arrive fresh or on time.