Sympathy Plants

Sympathy Plants Buying Guide

Looking for a sympathy plant to comfort a family member or a close friend? Explore our collection of live indoor plants, which make excellent sympathy gifts to help you convey your care and consideration. From memorial and funeral plants to plants for grieving and heartfelt sympathy, our carefully curated range offers a wide choice for any occasion.

Live potted houseplants are sustainable and long-lasting, so they contribute to a more peaceful and hopeful state of mind as the recipient takes care of them. Moreover, they are an expressive way to honor and commemorate departed loved ones and friends or fallen servicemen. Last but not least, plants can be a meaningful and appreciated symbol of your regard that stays with the recipient for a long time, unlike cut flowers. 

Choose Lively Root’s sympathy plants to offer your condolences or show your support during loss, illness, and hard times! Be it the traditional Peace Lily, or the less conventional Sansevieria Moonshine, send a sympathy plant as a thoughtful reminder of your love and care!

Sympathy Plants

Find the Perfect Sympathy Plant Gift for the Right Occasion

Your best choice of a sympathy plant depends on the occasion. Any thriving or blooming plant makes a cheerful get-well-soon gift, while other types of plants are traditional at funerals or memorial services.

Plants for Grieving

Plants make people feel better, and their stress-relieving properties are even more appreciated during times of grief and loss. Consider the striking Peacock Plant (Calathea) or our special Loving Memory bundle, which make the perfect sympathy plant gifts to express your support to a grieving person.

Funeral Plants

Popular flowering plants for funerals include chrysanthemums, carnations, and lilies. You can also convey your condolences with potted indoor funeral plants like Peace Lilies, which symbolize peace and healing, or an Areca Palm, symbolic of protection. White flowers are traditional for funerals, but many other colors are also common today.

Get-well Plants

Flowering plants are a wonderful way to encourage a colleague or friend struggling with health issues. The bright and cheerful Calandiva is the perfect plant to convey some optimism and hope for your loved one’s fast recovery.

Plants to Commemorate Pets

Losing a beloved pet can be overwhelming. Convey your sympathy with a plant that will become a tribute to the recipient’s furry companion, bringing to mind the loving moments and positive experiences they shared.

Choose From Our Wide Range ofSympathy Plants

Funeral Plants

Whether you’re looking for the right plant gift to convey your condolences or to wish the recipient a quick recovery, Lively Root has got you covered. Easy-care sympathy plant options are perfect for people on the go, whereas pet owners will appreciate a pet-friendly plant, as a sympathy gift. 

Alocasia Polly

  • For grieving & mourning: The Alocasia Polly’s glossy dark leaves shed droplets of water that resemble tears, due to the natural phenomenon of guttation.
  • Level of care: Requires a little extra care   
  • Light and watering: Alocasia needs consistent bright to medium indirect sunlight. The soil needs to dry out between waterings.
  • Temperature and humidity: Needs consistently warm temperatures and plenty of humidity to thrive.

White Stripe Dragon Tree

  • For pet commemoration: A symbol of endurance and hidden power, the White Stripe Dragon Tree (Dracaena) is one of the best indoor sympathy plants that also makes an excellent tribute to a loved pet.
  • Level of care: Easy to care for  
  • Light and watering: Thrives in bright indirect sunlight, but can also cope with low light. Prefers dry soil, but needs to be watered well periodically.
  • Temperature and humidity: Prefers consistent, warm temperatures around 75°F and high humidity.

Syngonium White Butterfly

  • For a get-well gift: A stunning plant with large heart-shaped leaves, the Syngonium White Butterfly symbolizes springtime, youth, and new beginnings.
  • Level of care: An easy-to-care-for plant, great for beginners
  • Light and watering: Needs bright, indirect light and thorough watering, but the soil should dry completely before repeated watering.
  • Temperature and humidity: Needs medium temperature (between 60°F-80°F) and humidity.

Send Plants for Sympathy With a Thoughtful Personal Note

Memorial plants

Plants are a perenially popular and tasteful sympathy gift for a good reason. They evoke hope and can effectively express your respect, love, and support in difficult times. If you need to encourage someone or offer condolences, sending plants for sympathy is one of the most time-tested and meaningful ways to show you care. 

Choose one of our beautiful live sympathy plants for delivery to family or friends! We can send the plant to you to gift them in person or deliver it, on your behalf, directly to the recipient. All you need to do is choose one of our delivery options. You can also choose to add a personal message with your sympathy plant delivery. 

Convey Your Heartfelt Sympathy With a Live Plant from Lively Root!