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Sympathy: Questions & Answers

Show compassion with our sympathy gift plants

Choosing the right plant to say "I'm sorry" and "I'm here for you" can be hard — that's why we've curated this collection of muted and tasteful plants. Most have dark green foliage, which symbolizes respect, and white blooms for hope, clarity and rebirth. The peace lily is the classic mourning plant, and is available in a range of sizes. The medium version is a demure choice, perfect for placing on an end table, while our larger Bountiful peace lily works well as a floor plant.

Tasteful funeral plants to celebrate life

It can take up to ten days for our sympathy plants to arrive via delivery, so if you're planning a memorial it's best to order as soon as possible. Peace lilies can be used to decorate the chapel, and can be given to cherished friends and family members after the event to act as a memorial. Red plants, such as flamingo flowers, are also an appropriate choice. The deep red color symbolizes love, the joy of life and (in the Christian faith) the Holy Spirit.

Memorial plants to keep someone in mind forever

Grief doesn't end after the funeral. Show someone you're still thinking of them by gifting them a memorial plant in the days, or even weeks, after they've lost someone. The plant you choose will depend on the recipient’s personality. Some will enjoy the opportunity to concentrate their attention on plants that need extra nurturing, such as the fiddle leaf fig. Others may prefer a plant that can survive even when they're too sad to care for it, like the easygoing golden pothos. Either way, caring for something — and watching it grow — can help to take their minds off the hard time that they're going through.

How to order sympathy plants for delivery

It's really easy to order sympathy plants online. Simply choose the plant you think expresses your wishes best, add it to your basket and check out. We deliver everywhere in the continental USA, although there are sometimes agricultural restrictions at a state level. If this is the case, we'll tell you on the product info page. It takes around 7 to 10 days from order for our plants to arrive. For more information, see our shipping conditions.