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Arbor Day Trees & Plants: Questions & Answers

Because You Believe The Earth Matters


There's no need to wait until April every year for Arbor Day to give back to nature by planting trees. We can help you do what you can for nature every day with our Arbor Day trees and plants collection and fast, dependable plant delivery service. Because even the best traditions
need an update, Lively Root encourages your spirit of innovation now it's needed the most. Whether it's indoor plants or outdoor plants, the trees and plants in our jam-packed collection for plant delivery are good for you and good for the planet in so many ways.

Tree And Plant Delivery Bring Nature's Beauty Home

Think of our trees and plants collection for plant delivery as where your home aesthetics and ecology converge. Planted in-ground or kept as a potted patio plant, the Musa Dwarf Cavendish Banana Tree turns heads with its tropical beauty. On top of its good looks, it will bear delicious fruit in a couple of years. The Ficus Ginseng is a singularly dramatic beauty with its dark green foliage and exposed roots. Meanwhile, hanging plants like the Marble Queen Pothos and the English Ivy Gold Child for plant delivery will be a breath of fresh air indoors.

Trees And Plants Make A World of Difference

Trees and plants are essential for life on earth and life at home. We at Lively Root can't have enough greener spaces, and it's our mission to inspire you to develop your green space at home with our trees and plant delivery collection. We've searched the world over for home plants and trees that are beautiful and practical. Not only will they be a beautiful sight wherever you put them, but our trees and plant delivery collection also help clean the air, improve your productivity, and provide your property with privacy.

Discover Nature's Best

Thanks to our plant delivery service, every day is Arbor Day. Now there's a novel idea that gives back to the environment more than once a year. After you've ordered your tree or house plant for plant delivery, we take care of the hard part and deliver fresh from our loving nursery right to your door. So rest assured that you can expect our uncompromising commitment to the environment there too!