Exotic And Tropical Plants

Exotic and Tropical Plants Buying Guide

Welcome to our Tropical and Exotic Plants Buying Guide, where we invite you to transform your living space into a vibrant tropical oasis. Our carefully selected collection features an array of exotic and tropical plants, ranging from the grandeur of towering palms to the delicate beauty of flowering species and the effortless charm of succulents.

Discover how these plants not only enrich your decor with their lush aesthetic appeal but also bring a slice of the tropics right into your home. They are more than just visually stunning; these botanical wonders offer easy care, purify the air, and help reduce anxiety. Acting as natural humidifiers and sound absorbers, they create a serene and healthful environment.

Let us guide you through this exotic world, showing you how to easily incorporate these tropical beauties into your surroundings and enjoy the myriad benefits they bring. Embrace the allure of the tropics and embark on a journey to elevate your space with our unique and captivating plant selection.  

Choosing the Right Indoor Tropical Plant

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Assessing Space and Plant Size

When selecting the ideal indoor tropical plant, consider the space available in your home. For larger areas, majestic palms like Areca or Majesty Palms can add a dramatic touch. In smaller or more confined spaces, charming succulents or compact varieties like Snake Plants or Zebra Plants are perfect, offering beauty without occupying too much room.

Considering Environmental Factors

Each tropical plant thrives under specific conditions, so it's crucial to align your choice with your home's microclimate. Consider climate zones, light conditions, temperature, and humidity levels. For instance, Orchids flourish in warm, humid environments, while Cacti prefer dry, sunny conditions. Selecting a plant that suits your home's environment is key to thriving tropical greenery.

Lifestyle and Maintenance

Your lifestyle should guide your plant choice. If you're a busy individual or a beginner in plant care, opt for low-maintenance, easy-care tropical plants. Pothos and Spider Plants are great for beginners, requiring minimal care yet offering lush foliage. Conversely, if you're willing to invest more time and effort, you could consider more demanding varieties like Fiddle Leaf Fig or Bird of Paradise.

Pet-Friendly Options

For pet owners, the toxicity of a plant is a crucial factor. Ensure your pets' safety by choosing non-toxic tropical plants. Varieties like Boston Fern and Parlor Palm are safe for pets and can add a tropical feel to your space without the worry.

Personalized Plant Selection with Plant Finder

If you're unsure where to start, our Plant Finder tool can help. By answering a few questions about your preferences and living conditions, you'll receive personalized recommendations, making it easier to find the perfect tropical plant for your home.

Creating Indoor Jungles with the Jungle Calculator

For those aspiring to create a dense, lush indoor jungle, our Jungle Calculator is an invaluable tool. It helps you determine the ideal number of plants needed to transform your space into a tropical paradise. The calculator considers your room size and desired plant density, guiding you to achieve an immersive green environment.

Incorporating these considerations and tools will help you select the perfect tropical plant, ensuring it complements your space, lifestyle, and care preferences, ultimately transforming your home into a thriving tropical sanctuary.  

Keeping Your Tropical Plants Happy by Understanding Their Needs

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Watering Practices

Tropical plants have varied watering needs. Palms, for instance, thrive with consistent moisture, while succulents prefer periods of dryness. It's essential to tailor your watering schedule to each plant's preference. For example, 'Majesty Palms' need regular watering to maintain soil moisture, whereas 'Aloe Vera' requires less frequent watering.

Nutritional Needs

Feeding your tropical plants with a balanced fertilizer is crucial during their growing season. The frequency and type of fertilizer depend on each plant's specific requirements. Plants like 'Bird of Paradise' benefit from regular feeding, while others may need less.

Light and Positioning

Adequate light is vital for tropical plants. Place palms in areas with bright, indirect sunlight. In contrast, succulents and cacti can tolerate and even thrive in more direct sunlight.

Humidity and Temperature

Tropical plants often originate from humid environments. Plants like Alocasia Polly and Bird of Paradise flourish in humid conditions, so consider using humidifiers or placing water trays near these plants to increase moisture levels in the air.

Exotic Varieties at Lively Root

At Lively Root, explore unique and captivating tropical plants like the Elephant Ear Alocasia Regal Shield or the Black Leaf Dragon Tree. These plants demand more attention but offer the reward of vibrant, lush foliage that transforms your space into a tropical haven.

Tropical House Plants: Care and Maintenance Tips

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Consistent Watering and Soil Maintenance

Maintain consistent watering for your tropical house plants, ensuring the soil is moist but not waterlogged. Overwatering can be as detrimental as underwatering.


Propagating your tropical plants can be a fun and rewarding way to expand your collection. Many tropical plants like 'Pothos' and Philodendrons can be easily propagated from cuttings.

Repotting and Soil

When repotting, use a well-draining soil mix to prevent water retention and root rot. Fertilize your plants during their growth period to encourage healthy development.

Pruning and Cleaning

Regularly clean and prune your plants to promote better air circulation and growth. This practice not only enhances the plant's appearance but also prevents pest infestations and diseases.

Seasonal and Climate Considerations

Adjust your plant care routine according to the seasons and your local climate. In warmer months, some tropical plants like 'Fiddle Leaf Fig' or 'Sago Palm' can be placed outdoors to benefit from natural sunlight and air.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

Yellowing leaves or drooping may indicate issues such as improper watering or lighting. Address these problems promptly to maintain the health of your plants.

By embracing these care and maintenance tips, you can nurture your tropical and exotic house plants effectively, ensuring a lush and thriving indoor garden.

Exotic and Tropical Plants in Nursery

Add a Tropical Vibe to Your Indoor or Outdoor Space With Exotic Plants


Enhance your living spaces with the lush allure of tropical and exotic plants from Lively Root. Imagine vibrant palms and cascading ferns transforming your home or office into inviting sanctuaries. Get creative with diverse plant arrangements, using different sizes and textures, and complement your decor with stylish planters.

Tropical plants are not just for homes; they also bring enchantment to businesses, creating cozy, inviting atmospheres. Discover the beauty of selections like the Flamingo Flower or the Burgundy Rubber Tree, and transform your spaces into serene tropical havens. Embrace the transformative power of these botanical wonders with Lively Root, and let your own personal oasis unfold

Transform Your Space With Lively Root’s Tropical Wonders—Your Oasis Awaits