Cactus Plants For Sale

Cactus Plants Buying Guide & Care Advices

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of cactus plants! With their distinctive charm and low-maintenance nature, these versatile succulents seamlessly complement a wide range of interior design styles, adding a touch of uniqueness to any space.

Most cacti, grown as houseplants, originate from deserts in North and South America. Different types of cacti include large cactus plants that are a must-have for rock gravel gardens and much more compact varieties that are perfect for small spaces and for growing indoors. They tolerate bright sunlight as few other plants do due to collecting water in their thick stems. These exceptional and hardy desert dwellers remove toxins and purify the air. Recent studies show that they have multiple other health benefits.

From the cute and stubby Bunny Ear Cactus to the elongated and slim Lady Finger Cactus, there’s a perfect fit for everyone among Lively Root’s lovingly grown cactus plants for sale!

Cactus Plants Buying Guide

Types of Cactus Plants: Choose The Right Variety For Your Space

Indoor cactus plants can visually transform any space with their remarkable appearance. Most indoor cacti are small plants that fit in a variety of interiors. Ranging from the globular Golden Barrel Cactus to the popular Christmas Cactus for sale during the holidays, these charming low-maintenance plants can be grown as miniature desk plants or positioned on shelves, depending on the decorative purpose you have in mind. Many of these versatile plants are generally pet-friendly, but the spiked cactus house plants can harm pets and are best kept out of their reach. 

Bunny Ear Cactus

  • Distinct characteristics: The Bunny Ear Cactus is a squat, round plant with elliptical protrusions growing on top of its main globular green stem; the whole cactus is covered with clusters of yellow spikes.
  • Plant’s needs: Place it in full sun, watering only when the soil gets dry; it loves warm temperatures above 70°F.
  • Level of care: Easy
  • Pet-friendliness: Toxic to touch 

Pink Christmas Cactus

  • Distinct characteristics: The Pink Christmas Cactus has flat lobed leaves without the spikes typical for many cacti; it blossoms during wintertime with exotic pink flowers that grow directly out of the tips of the flat leaves.
  • Plant’s needs: Prefers bright, indirect light; water it when the soil gets dry and provide some extra humidity.
  •  Level of care: Requires a little extra care 
  • Pet-friendliness: Pet-friendly

Parodia Cactus

  • Distinct characteristics: The Parodia Cactus is a mini cactus plant that doesn’t grow over 8 inches tall; they’re shaped like an air balloon, with a dark green stem separated into distinct ridges with spikes growing along each edge.  
  • Plant’s needs: Needs plenty of bright light; water it only when the soil gets dry and keep it in warm temperatures of 65-70°F.
  • Level of care: Easy 
  • Pet-friendliness: Toxic to touch

Ric Rac Cactus

  • Distinct characteristics: The Ric Rac Cactus has stems that grow in a unique zig-zag pattern; mature plants bloom with fragrant star-like flowers.
  • Plant needs: Prefers bright, indirect sunlight and some extra humidity; water regularly but allow the soil to dry before repeated watering.
  • Level of care: Requires a little extra care
  • Pet-friendliness: Pet-friendly

Indoor Cactus Plants: Care & Maintenance Tips

Cactus Plants Care Guide

Most cactus plants require a slightly different approach from other indoor plants because they store water and nutrients inside their stems. Before you choose your favorite cactus for sale, let’s take a look at the basic needs of these hardy desert plants:

Watering and Light

Cacti don’t require a lot of water, and it’s important to ensure you don’t overwater them. Most of them grow best in full to bright, indirect sunlight. 

Soil and Fertilizer

Most plants in the cactus collection grow best in a succulent soil mix. Cactus plants like the Golden Barrel Cactus only require fertilizing once a year, whereas the different varieties of Christmas cactus need feeding every two weeks during their growing season.

Repotting and Propagation

Most cacti don’t require repotting immediately after purchase. When transplanting them becomes necessary, choose a pot several inches bigger to keep the roots drier. Remember to use gloves for the spiked varieties! You can propagate a cactus by taking several cuttings, letting them callus over, and then planting them in a succulent soil mix.

Growing Conditions and Common Issues

You can keep some of the hardier cacti outside, as well. Some outdoor cactus plants for sale include all the varieties of Christmas Cactus and the Ric Rac Cactus. These can tolerate cooler night temperatures if they don’t fall below 50°F. Overwatering is the main issue to watch out for. Since cacti store water inside their stems, too much can harm the plant, causing root rot.

Enhance Your Home or Office With Cactus Plants for Sale

Cacti Plants

Personalize your space with our selection of live cactus plants for sale! Amazing succulents for growing indoors or outdoors in warmer climates, cactus house plants make the perfect decorative element in homes. They can also be the ideal office plants. They will catch everyone’s attention in warm regions like porch or front-door plants, boosting your home’s curb appeal. Our cool cactus bundle can help you start a rock garden or create a composition quickly!  

Cacti are wonderfully resilient plants that can grow in various conditions, so you’ll have no problem choosing the right cactus plant for your space. Or select a tiny or large cactus plant for sale to give to a friend as a one-of-a-kind plant gift!

Transform Your Home With Stunning Cactus Plants From LivelyRoot!