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Succulents: Questions & Answers

Smooth-Sailing Succulents

If unique is what you seek, our succulent collection for plant delivery occupies a class of its own with its quirky beauty, luscious colors, and overall easy-going temperament. If you haven't enjoyed growing home plants, try our surefire succulents as indoor plants or outdoor plants, which can withstand many conditions like a prolonged drought for months with minimal effort.
They live for decades with a bit of bright light and occasional watering. So, if you're looking for Mother Nature's best survivors, get the best of both worlds with our succulents for plant delivery: beauty and brains (AKA practicality).

House Plants At Home In Any Setting

For a bold turn of colors, shapes, and textures, you'll find many uses for our succulent collection for plant delivery. For starters, the Assorted 2-inch Succulents: 16 Pack is the perfect start to any green space with an instant family of weird and wonderful plants as beautiful as they are varied. For something more understated and intimate, the Hoya Heart is a living, rooted single heart-shaped leaf that's a hint of the unexpected and a priceless treasure indeed. No matter which plants you choose for plant delivery, these low-humidity varieties remain undemanding.

Unlimited Possibilities with Succulents

No wonder our succulent collection for plant delivery remains ever-popular among nature lovers at every stage. At Lively Root, we believe everyone deserves a plant. It's why we've pooled our over a century of expertise to help plant parents develop their green space regardless of their knowledge or experience. We're just as committed to growing alongside our customers on their botanical journey as we are to providing them with fast and dependable plant delivery. In either situation, our top-notch experts are only an email away.

A Fresh Approach to Plant Delivery

Are you eagerly waiting for your plant delivery? We've also built a whole new breed of plant delivery. We ship your plants home-grown at our nursery direct to your door in true farm-to-table style. Rest assured that our plants are the cream of the crop. One of our experts hand-selects your plant to be sent directly to you in as eco-friendly a manner as possible. At Lively Root, we not only believe you deserve a plant—we believe the environment matters!