Succulent Plants

Succulent Plants Buying & Care Guide

Dive into the enchanting world of succulent plants, the epitome of low-maintenance green companions for your home. Renowned for their resilience and diverse beauty, succulents hail from various plant families, including Echeveria, Aloe, and Haworthia. 

Discover the perfect blend of aesthetics and ease with varieties like the charming Zebra Haworthia succulent and the soothing Aloe Vera. Elevate your indoor oasis with one of our stylish, adaptable indoor succulent plants that effortlessly thrive in various environments.

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Succulent plants buying guide

Benefits of Succulent Plants

Succulents, renowned for their captivating appearance and versatility, are more than just plants. They’re living artworks. With a spectrum of vibrant hues and diverse shapes, succulents bring an aesthetic charm to any home or office space. Beyond their decorative purpose, they offer numerous benefits, as follows:

  • Brighten up any home interior: They make popular houseplants because of their hardiness and ability to grow in various climates. 
  • Help purify the air: Succulents are great air purifiers that can remove volatile organic compounds (VOCs).
  • Increase humidity: Succulent plants release water, enhancing your home's humidity.
  • Add fresh oxygen to your environment: Unlike most houseplants, succulents do not release carbon dioxide at night. Instead, they continue to produce oxygen.
  • Improve focus: Regular exposure to nature, even in the form of indoor plants, can helps improving focus.
  • Enhance curb appeal: These tropical wonders can boost a property’s curb appeal if grown outdoors.

Different  Succulent Types - Choose the Right Plant for You

Succulent plant types

Explore the different types of succulents, each boasting its own distinctive character and charm. From the elegantly cascading strands of the String of Pearls to the architectural symmetry of Echeveria Rose, discover the unique personalities that make live succulents a delightful addition to any plant enthusiast’s collection. 

String of Pearls

  • Distinct characteristics: The String of Pearls (Senecio rowleyanus) is a unique vining succulent instantly recognizable by its tiny pea-shaped leaves and trailing stems, which gracefully spill over the sides of planters or hanging baskets. 
  • Plant’s needs: Thrives on 6-8 hours of direct and indirect sunlight. Prefers sandy soil. Keep it lightly moist during the growing season. Underwatering causes flattening of the spherical leaves.
  • Level of care: Easy
  • Pet-friendliness: Toxic to ingest.

Echeveria Rose

  • Distinct characteristics: The Echeveria Rose succulent has broad, fleshy leaves, often topped with spines that are adapted to hold water and prevent evaporation. 
  • Plant’s needs: It should be kept in full sun, as it needs at least 4-6 hours of bright light daily. Water only when the soil is dry. If grown outdoors, it should be brought inside for winter. 
  • Level of care: Easy
  • Pet-friendliness: It’s safe for pets.

Blooming Kalanchoe

  • Distinct characteristics: A Blooming Kalanchoe has shiny, deep green leaves with scalloped edges and colorful flowers that grow uprights in large clusters. 
  • Plant’s needs: They love bright, indirect light. Water more frequently during flowering. 
  • Level of care: Easy
  • Pet-friendliness: Toxic to ingest. 

Golden Barrel Cactus

  • Distinct characteristics: The Golden Barrel Cactus is a slow-growing globular cactus that can live up to 50 years. It has a thick stem covered with golden spines and produces bright yellow flowers.
  • Plant’s needs: Requires 6 hours of direct sunlight per day. It needs well-draining soil and should be watered weekly during the growing season. 
  • Level of care: Easy
  • Pet-friendliness: Toxic to touch.

How to Care for Succulents: Maintenance Tips

Succulent plants care

Whether a plant beginner or a plant veteran, succulents can be a great addition to your indoor garden with the right care.  

Providing the Right Light

Most succulent houseplants, like cacti, grow in warm regions with direct sunlight exposure. A few succulents require less sunlight, but generally, they need all the sunlight you can give them. 

Choosing the Ideal Soil

Indoor succulents love dry environments. A well-draining succulent or cactus soil mix is the best way to achieve this. 

Repotting with Care

Repotting succulents has several benefits. It allows the plant to grow healthier, and it also helps refresh the soil. Water your succulent moderately for a couple of days before repotting for an easier time when removing it from its old pot. 

Feeding Succulents

If you want your succulent to grow a little quicker, feeding it can help. Ideally, you should fertilize your succulent once a year, at the beginning of the growing season. 

Propagation Techniques

You can expand your succulent collection by propagating it in soil. Depending on the variety, you can grow new baby succulents from stem cuttings, offsets (pups), or by dividing the plant. Water propagation is also possible but less successful.

Succulent care is relatively easy, even for beginners. Some hardy succulents are happy outside all year round, while more delicate varieties will need to be brought inside in the cooler months. Common issues include over and underwatering, poor drainage, insufficient light, pests, diseases, and overcrowding.

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