Best Plants For Desk & Office

 Office & Desk Plants Buying Guide

Improve both traditional and home office spaces with plants that add a welcoming touch and transform bland interiors into hubs of productivity and creativity. A recent study shows that these plants not only enhance focus and motivation by purifying the air and increasing oxygen levels, but they also improve mood and mental health. Whether it's the calming presence of Dieffenbachia or the vibrant hues of Bromeliads, the right plants can reduce stress and maintain your focus in the workplace.  

Select the Right Office Plants to Reap All the Benefits

Office Plants

Selecting the right office plants is crucial, as they often endure less favorable conditions compared to houseplants. Many office environments, especially those with limited natural light or fluctuating temperatures, require plants that can thrive under these specific challenges. Additionally, considering plant size and placement is important to avoid any hazards near technical equipment and to make the most of limited office space.

Best Plants for Office with No Windows

Plants for Office With No Window

In offices lacking natural light or with limited window access, choosing plants that can survive in low-light conditions, often reliant on artificial lighting, is essential. Tropical varieties such as Snake Plants and ZZ Plants are renowned for their resilience in low-light environments, making them ideal for windowless offices or spaces with minimal natural light.

Moreover, it's important to select plants that can withstand the temperature variations common in office settings, where heating might not be as consistent as in homes. Plants like 'Cast Iron Plant' and Peace Lily can adapt to these changing conditions without wilting.

Office space is Often a Premium

Regarding plant size, compact options are preferable in office environments where space is at a premium. Small potted plants can be placed on desks or shelves without taking up too much room, while larger floor plants can add greenery without encroaching on the workspace.

Finally, low-maintenance plants are key for office settings, ensuring you don’t need to dedicate extra time for plant care. This makes it easier to leave them over weekends, sick leaves, or vacations without worry. Plants like Pothos or Philodendrons require minimal attention but still contribute significantly to the aesthetic and air quality of your office.

By carefully selecting plants suited to the unique conditions of your office space, you can reap all the benefits of having greenery at work without the added stress of high maintenance.

Care and Maintenance Tips for Your Office Plants

Office Plant Care

Taking proper care of plants in the workplace rather than at home can sometimes be challenging due to busy work schedules and office closing times. So, having a care routine for your office greenery is important. Here are some basic tips: 


All plants need regular watering. How frequently you water them will depend on the plant variety. Remember that most low-maintenance plants like their soil to get dry between waterings. 

Choosing the Right Soil and Fertilizer  

One of the best ways to prevent root rot is to choose well-draining potting soil carefully. Feed your office plants with a balanced fertilizer, especially during the growing season from spring to autumn. 

Cleaning and Misting

Plants with larger leaves may need some cleaning to remove accumulated dust. Prune any dried leaves or flowers and mist your plant occasionally, as office air can be very dry. Just ensure you care about electronic devices – it’s easy to spray them accidentally when you’re misting your plants!

Troubleshooting Common Issues

Watch out for yellow or drooping leaves; they can be a sign of overwatering or underwatering. Check your plants’ soil to see whether they need more water. If roots are growing out of the drainage holes at the bottom of the pot, your plant needs repotting. Wilted and drooping plants are a common sign of neglect during out-of-office hours, and they’ll usually perk up once you’ve watered them or moved them to a sunnier spot.

Enhance Your Workspace with Lively Root’s Office Plants

Best Plant for Your Office Space

Revitalize your office with plants that flourish even in low light, such as the Peace Lily, bringing a touch of privacy and character to your desk. For those with limited space or lacking natural light, Lively Root offers compact, easy-care options and stylish tropical plant bundles perfect for desk decoration.

Consider floor plants as a space-saving yet impactful solution. They allow for larger varieties like the impressive Monstera deliciosa, adding aesthetic appeal to office interiors without cluttering your desk.

In shared office spaces, opt for hypoallergenic plants like Dracaena, known for filtering allergens and creating a healthier environment. These plants are ideal for reducing allergic reactions among colleagues.

Incorporating live indoor plants into your workspace is not just about aesthetics; they enhance mood, creativity, and concentration. Experience improved focus and productivity in an environment enriched with Lively Root’s vibrant and purifying desk plants.