Small House Plants

Small Indoor Plants Buying Guide

Opt for our range of live small indoor plants to add that special personal touch to your interior! Small plants don’t take up much space, and many easy-care options exist. You can also make smaller porch plants the focal point of your outdoor recreational space.

Mini plants are perfect for compact spaces. They can be grown as stunning table plants or window sill plants indoors and outdoors. You can also enjoy them as desk plants for your office.

Small potted plants come in all types and varieties, so matching them with your interior design scheme is easy. For instance, many succulents, like the delightful Echeveria Rose, are tiny and can be arranged on small shelves or side tables, whereas hanging plants, like the Watermelon Peperomia, are the perfect solution if you have limited window sill space.

Small indoor plants buying guide

Attractive Small Plant Varieties

Looking for the perfect small plant for your space? Lively Root’s got you covered! Some of the smallest options available are a variety of succulents and cactus plants, requiring only a cozy sunny corner of your desk or window sill. Small house plants come in all shapes and sizes. You can’t go wrong with the compact and easy-care Chinese Money Plant or a little fern, like the Lemon Button Fern that grows a foot high. Smaller flowering plants include the exotic Evita Vriesea Bromeliad and the vibrant Kalanchoe

Futura Superba Snake Plant

  • Characteristics: The Futura Superba Snake Plant is a compact-growing variety with beautiful variegated leaves. Snake plants are succulents that can grow very large, but this variety only reaches approximately 10 inches tall.   
  • Requirements and care: Snake plants are ideal low-light plants with low water and humidity requirements and are very easy to care for, making them the perfect small office plants!
  • Toxicity: They are toxic to pets if ingested.

Variegated Baby Rubber Plant

  • Characteristics: The Variegated Baby Rubber Plant (Peperomia) is a small plant with rounded pale green leaves edged in creamy white. Variegated Baby Rubber plants grow about 8 inches tall.   
  • Requirements and care: This easy-care plant prefers medium light and some extra humidity, with low water requirements.
  • Toxicity: It’s a pet-friendly plant.

Variegated Pink Miniature Rose

  • Characteristics: The Variegated Pink Miniature Rose is a small rose with glossy green leaves and delicate pink or orange flowers. It reaches a maximum height of 18 inches.   
  • Requirements and care: Perfect as patio plants, miniature roses need plenty of sunlight and extra humidity. They should be watered regularly without getting the leaves wet to prevent fungal diseases.
  • Toxicity: Miniature roses are generally pet-friendly, but their thorns can harm your pet.  

Variegated Zebra Haworthia Succulent

  • Characteristics: The Variegated Zebra Haworthia is a small succulent with thick, elongated dark green leaves with horizontal white stripes. They are only about 8 inches tall.   
  • Requirements and care: This hardy and easy-care plant requires bright light and warmth, with very low water and humidity needs.
  • Toxicity: It’s not toxic for pets, but its sharp leaves can be hazardous.

How to Choose the Right Small Potted Plant for Your Space

Small Plant

To choose the best small indoor plants that meet your preferences, consider the size of your space, the conditions you can provide, your lifestyle, and your skills.

Interior Design and Available Space 

Lack of space should prompt you to get plants that don’t grow big. Small, eye-catching Golden Barrel Cactus plants or mini succulent plants can transform compact living spaces. You can also manage larger plants by trimming them. Or opt for bonsai varieties, such as the gorgeous Ficus Ginseng.

Light Conditions and Climate

Some plants do better in a particular type of room. Bathrooms and kitchens are ideal for humidity-loving varieties, whereas bedrooms are often great for low-light plants. Tropical plants require a lot of consistent sunshine and humidity, so they’re ideal for warmer climates. And small outdoor plants, like English Ivy Green Ideal, are perfect for balconies and porches, for instance. 

Lifestyle and Level of Skill

Even if you’re new to plants, there’s a variety of easy-care small indoor plants for sale. The best beginner-friendly plants are robust and hardy and will require minimal care. Pet owners can get pet-friendly varieties of small indoor plants that are entirely safe for cats and dogs.

Small Indoor Plants: Care & Maintenance

Small Plant Collection

Here are some basic care requirements that most small plants share:

  • Light: Most plants grow best in bright to medium indirect light, although low-light plants can tolerate darker conditions. Check your plant's specific Plant Care Guide if you want more information about its needs.
  • Watering and feeding: Avoid overwatering, as this can cause root rot. Most plants require regular fertilizing during the growing season.
  • Pruning & cleaning: Prune your plant to remove damaged or yellowing leaves or to manage its size. Occasionally, clean your plant’s foliage with a damp cloth to remove dust.
  • Repotting: Repot your plant when necessary; yellowing leaves, stunted growth, and roots growing from the drainage holes are signs you need to repot your plant.

Common Issues With Smaller Plants 

Watch out for some care problems specific to small houseplants:

  • Overwatering: It’s often easier to overwater tiny plant varieties. Yellowing leaves, drooping stems, and soggy soil are all signs of too much water. Remove the excess water from the pot’s tray and leave the soil to dry.
  • Insufficient light exposure: Pale leaves and spindly stems indicate that the plant isn’t receiving enough light, especially if kept under the canopy of larger plants. Move your baby to an area with plenty of bright, indirect sunlight to fix the issue.
  • Insects & diseases: Pests and fungal infections can be more detrimental to smaller plants than to larger varieties due to their size and the percentage of affected area. Address infestations and diseases immediately to give your small plant a better chance to recover.

Transform Your Home With the Best Small Indoor Plants for Sale  

Use tiny potted plants to decorate your home interior or personalize your office space!  Arranged on shelves or grown as miniature hanging plants, small potted plants are ideal for compact living spaces. Acting as air purifiers and mood boosters, they are lovely to look at and good for your mental and physical health.

Find your plant soulmate using our Plant Quiz, or choose a plant gift for your loved ones from Lively Root’s wide-ranging collections.

Personalize Your Space With the Perfect Small Plant From Lively Root!