String of Dolphins Care Guide

String of Dolphins will get the swim party started with their lovely dolphin-shaped leaves and graceful curl, giving the impression that they are jumping out of the ocean.
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  • Light : High

    Place this plant in bright, indirect light or less than two hours in the morning light.

  • Water : Low

    Water your plant with the bottom-up method when the soil reaches a 2-3 on the plant meter (dry). You'll avoid wetting the foliage, so the leaves do not yellow or get too damp. Place the grower pot in a saucer filled up to 25% on the side of the pot. Leave in the water for approximately 15 minutes. Check for complete absorption (The top of the soil will be moist). Lift out of the water and let drain several minutes before placing back into a cachepot.

  • Humidity : Low

    This plant doesn't need much humidity but a misting to wash off the leaves once a month will help hydrate him.

  • Temp : 65℉ - 80℉

    Indoor temps between 65°-80°F are best for this plant.

  • Zone : 9|10|11

    Outside: Grow in the morning light no more than two hours a day or otherwise in bright, indirect light. Move indoors when temps dip below 50°F. Indoors: String of Dolphins prefers bright to medium, indirect light in southern, eastern, and western windows.

  • Fertilizer : Seasonally

    Fertilize twice during the growing season in spring and in summer. Do not fertilize during fall and winter.

  • Repotting : 3 Years

    Fast draining succulent or cactus potting mix is an excellent choice to use for this succulent. Choose a high enough pot or hanging basket so the plant's tendrils can hang over the pot or basket. Only enlarge the container by one pot size. To prepare for the transfer and secure the tender tendrils, gently drape them onto the top of the soil. To avoid backfilling, work the soil up the container pot's side before placing the plant inside. If possible, to avoid breaking any tendrils, cut the grower pot down one side and gently pull the container apart to lift out the root system. Next, sit the root system into the new pot and add extra soil around the sides, leaving no air bubbles and pack down tightly. Gently unfold the string of dolphins stems down the sides of the pot all the way around to hang correctly. Water well and allow a month before fertilizing.

  • Cleaning : As needed

    Trim stems on the side to promote growth. Begin trimming early in growth to get a fuller foliage on top. Use the stem cuttings in propagation.

  • Propagation : Cuttings

    In the spring and summer, clip off a string and separate into a single strand. Use succulent and cactus soil mix and dampen. Lay the whole stem in a circle on top of the soil, and the branch will root and grow tendrils. Another option is to remove some of the dolphins at the base of the stem. Then, dip in rooting hormone and push down into the soil. Let them hang over and drape around the pot. Use several cuttings to start in your new planter.