Hanging Plants

Hanging Plants & Flowers Buying Guide

Hanging plants consistently rank as top choices for both indoor and outdoor embellishment! These adaptable and popular plants offer a unique way to infuse charm and ambiance into every nook of your home. They are particularly effective in creating an inviting atmosphere, thanks to their lush, cascading foliage that can serve as natural screens or living drapes, enhancing privacy and adding a dynamic green touch to your interior design.

Lively Root's Hanging Plants Collection boasts a range of stunning options, from the timeless elegance of English Ivy to the quirky charm of the String of Pearls. The collection also includes the captivating Southern favorite, Spanish Moss, known for its mysterious allure. Each plant in this collection brings its own distinct aesthetic, ensuring there's a hanging plant to suit every style and preference.

Hanging plants buying guide

Benefits of Hanging Plants & Flowers

Aesthetics and Interior Decoration

Trailing plants give your home a vibrant and jungle-like feeling. They are plants with hanging stems that cascade downwards and can often be trained to climb trellises or other support structures. As indoor decorative elements, they are perfect for draping over shelves, doors, arches, and other features you want to highlight in your home’s interior. Likewise, this makes them ideal for growing in hanging baskets to decorate patio spaces or cascading from pedestal planters by the front door. Some of these plants, like the Climbing Fig, can also be planted outdoors as ground-covering vines or climbing plants.

Pet-Friendly Hanging Plant Options Available

While all hanging varieties of Ivy aren’t pet-safe, many hanging house plants are pet-friendly, like the playful Nematanthus Candy Corn Vine or the luxuriant Boston Fern. Keep any plants that aren’t safe for pets out of their reach in hanging baskets or on high shelves.

Air-Purifying Qualities and Increased Curb Appeal

Many plants have air-purifying qualities, which also applies to trailing plants! For instance, the spectacular Spider Plant is considered one of the best home air purifiers. Carefully chosen and combined trailing plants in hanging baskets or pedestal planters can transform your porch and boost your home’s curb appeal.

The Appeal & Versatility of Hanging Plants

Outdoor hanging plants

Variegated and green hanging plants come in all shapes and sizes. All you need to do is choose!

Vines and Climbers

Climbing vines are great for creating green walls or training over trellises and supports. While the beautiful Pothos, with its lush and glossy leaves, can be grown as a plant that cascades down from its pot, it can also be a climber if given the opportunity with some necessary support. It also comes in striking variegated varieties like the Marble Queen Pothos. Additionally, all varieties of ivy, from the delicate Clover Leaf Ivy to the charming variegated English Ivy Gold Child, are hardy and evergreen plants that can handle lower temperatures.

Bushy, Drooping Plants

Some of the best plants for hanging baskets that look neat and bushy are the delightful Swedish Ivy and the elegant Boston Fern. Both plants require moist but not soggy soil and enjoy higher humidity.  

Creeping and Cascading Plants

Cascading plants like the stunning Wanderlust Tradescantia Zebrina can cover large wall spaces with beautifully striped foliage when placed on higher shelves. Tradescantia zebrina requires more water and humidity, unlike drought-tolerant succulents like the String of Dolphins, another lovely plant that will add interest to your interior. 

Flowering Hanging Plants

Some flowering options include the stunning tropical and light-loving Lipstick Plant or the easy-care California Ivy, which produces lovely red berries after flowering and is an easy-care hanging plant.

Find the Perfect Hanging Plant to Suit Your Style

Living Space Size and Climate

The size of your living space will determine the best hanging plants for your home. Find indoor plants that will complement your interior design or your outdoor space. Climate is vital for choosing the best outdoor hanging plants, as many varieties, like the Philodendron, must be taken indoors during the colder months.

Plant Care Requirements and Plant Size

The miniature Mini Carnation Super Trouper is a beautiful and frost-hardy option. Spider Plants, on the other hand, can grow relatively large and need to be taken indoors when there’s any risk of frost. The low-maintenance Pothos is the perfect office plant because it can tolerate low light and is very easy to care for.


If you have pets, a pet-friendly crawling plant like the light-loving Curly Lipstick Plant maybe your plant of choice! Hanging plants that can cause discomfort to your cat or dog should be placed outside their reach.

Care Tips for a Thriving Hanging Plants

Hanging plants care guide

Indoor hanging plants require attention and care, just like any other houseplant.

Pruning, Propagation, Repotting & Feeding

Repotting larger hanging plants indoors can be a trial, so ensure you have enough space to spread the long trailing stems. On that note, hanging plants may require more frequent trimming. You can propagate the cut stems and expand your trailing plant collection. Feed your hanging plant with a balanced fertilizer during the spring and summer.

Watering, Humidity, and Sunlight

Moisture-loving plants like ferns need more frequent watering, but hanging succulents like Hoya need their soil to dry out completely before watering. Check each plant’s light requirements, too. Most ivy varieties can grow in partial shade, but the charming striped Tradescantia Zebrina, for instance, requires bright light to maintain its variegated color and bloom. Last but not least, humid-loving varieties will benefit from occasional misting. 

Common Problems to Watch Out for

Many people like displaying their spectacular hanging baskets outside during the summer. Remember to protect your hanging perennials from the frost by bringing them indoors as the weather gets colder.

Overwatering can cause root rot and yellowing leaves, while direct sunlight can burn your plant’s leaves. Reversely, lack of sunlight will often make the plant leggy and pale. Consult our detailed Plant Care Guides for insights and care tips for each plant.

Enhance Your Space with Stunning Hanging Plants

Elevate the look of your home or office with the enchanting charm of hanging plants. Whether showcased in stylish hanging baskets or lofty planters, these plants are perfect for adding a decorative flair. Opt for indoor plants in woven baskets or macramé hangers to infuse an ethnic or tropical feel into your interiors. Cascading foliage from plants can create natural green drapes over windows or indoor arches, adding a touch of serenity and beauty. For an even more impressive display, mix various hanging plant varieties to fashion a lush vertical garden.

Not sure which hanging plant is ideal for your space, or looking for a thoughtful gift? Try our interactive Plant Finder Quiz to discover the best options tailored to your needs. Plus, with our convenient hanging plants delivery service, your chosen greenery will be delivered directly to your doorstep, hassle-free!

Give Your Home a Fresh Green Look With Vibrant Hanging Plants From Lively Root!