Large Indoor House Plants

Large Indoor Plants Buying & Care Guide

Make a bold statement in your living or office environment with our collection of large indoor plants for sale. Each is designed to be the focal point of any space, whether you’re looking for office or porch plants.  

Embrace the grandeur and sophistication of large indoor plants, not just as a decor piece but as a natural air-purifying powerhouse. Whether indoors or outdoors, large house plants add beauty and a touch of elegance, enriching your interior design and enhancing your property’s curb appeal.

Discover the captivating allure of a Swiss Cheese Monstera or a Bird of Paradise and create a space that exudes style and vitality. Choose Lively Root for an impactful green transformation.

Large Indoor Plants

Unveil Our Assortment of Tall Indoor Plants for Your Space

Indulge in the lush beauty of nature with our exquisite selection of large leaf house plants. Each variety is a masterpiece, boasting unique characteristics and diverse foliage. Elevate your indoor and outdoor spaces with one or more of these stunning specimens, bringing the tranquility of the outdoors into your home. 

Hawaiian Sunshine Dragon Tree (Dracaena)

The Hawaiian Sunshine Dragon Tree's compact and upright growth habit suits narrow spaces or patio planters. 

  • Characteristics: Its spikey leaves feature stripes of dark and vivid green, as well as bright yellow. 
  • Requirements and care: Thrives in medium light levels. Water once or twice weekly, depending on location. Occasionally dust the leaves and rotate the pot by a 1/4 turn once a month.  
  • Toxicity: Toxic to pets if ingested.  

Split Leaf Philodendron (Monstera Deliciosa)

Also known as the Swiss Cheese plant for obvious reasons, Monstera deliciosa is popular with interior designers for its notched leaves.  

  • Characteristics: Climbing tropical plant with waxy, deep green leaves on each of its vinelike, woody stems. It boasts long-lobed leaves and elongated holes once it reaches maturity.
  • Requirements and care: Requires moderate warmth, water, and sunlight. Prefers high humidity. Water when the top few inches feel dry. Avoid direct sunlight. 
  • Toxicity: Toxic to pets if ingested.  

Burgundy Rubber Tree

One of the best large indoor plants for beginners, the Burgundy Rubber Tree belongs to the Moraceae family and is a member of the Ficus genus. In the wild, it can reach a height of 100 feet. 

  • Characteristics: Features dark green leaves with a thick, rubbery, glossy sheen and deep reddish variegation. 
  • Requirements and care: Low-maintenance plant that thrives best in bright indirect or partial sunlight. Water when the top 2 to 3 inches of the soil feels dry. High tolerance for most soil types.  
  • Toxicity: Toxic to pets if ingested. 

Money Tree Plant

Commonly known as the Pachira plant or braided money tree, this popular Feng Shui plant is revered for bringing good luck and fortune to its owner. 

  • Characteristics: Braided stem, bright green palm-looking leaves shaped like a lance tip. The leaves’ edges get a slightly red tinge when exposed to high light levels. 
  • Requirements and care: Caring for a money tree is relatively simple as it can bounce back, even if neglected. Place it in a sunny spot, but not in direct sunlight. Can survive in low light but will grow more slowly. 
  • Toxicity: Pet-friendly.

How to Pick the Right Large Potted Plant for You

Tall Indoor Plant

Step into the world of large indoor plants and trees, where greenery transforms spaces. Discover the perfect large leaf house plant that complements your indoor haven or enhances your outdoor oasis.  

Assessing Space and Design

When choosing a large potted house plant for your interior, evaluate the available floor space and consider the overall design aesthetics. Opt for floor plants like the elegant Ruby Rubber Tree or the vibrant Bird of Paradise to serve as captivating focal points that complement your interior style. 

Purposeful Outdoor Planting

For outdoor spaces, identify the purpose of your large outdoor plants. Choose varieties like the resilient Sago Palm for privacy screens, the majestic Coconut Palm for enhanced curb appeal, or the dense Split Leaf Philodendron for effective sound absorption. Tailor your selection to meet the specific needs of your outdoor environment.  

Lighting, Climate, and Temperature

Ensure your chosen large plants align with their intended location's lighting conditions, climate, and temperature. Some plants, such as the adaptable Snake Plant, thrive in low light conditions, while others, like the sun-loving Bird of Paradise, require ample sunlight.    

Lifestyle and Ease of Care

Evaluate your lifestyle and maintenance preferences. Opt for low-maintenance and easy care plant options like the resilient ZZ Plant or the forgiving Peace Lily if you prefer a hassle-free green addition to your space. Match the care requirements of the plant with the time you can dedicate to its upkeep. 

Pet-Friendly Considerations

For pet owners, prioritize the safety of your furry friends! Explore and consider large indoor and outdoor plants that are non-toxic to cats and dogs.

Large Plants: Care & Troubleshooting Common Issues

Big Indoor Plants

Caring for large plants requires attention to the basics. Ensure they get enough indirect light, keeping their specific needs in mind. Maintain a stable and moderate temperature for optimal growth. Water them carefully, avoiding overhydration. Feed your large plants nutrients in line with their growth patterns. 

Furthermore, when dealing with large plants, maintenance becomes essential. Incorporate the below-targeted upkeep practices to ensure your large plants flourish: 

  • Repotting mature specimens can be challenging, so consider propagation by division if applicable. 
  • Regular cleaning and dusting, though time-consuming, keep large plants thriving.
  • Pruning and shaping are vital to managing over-sized plants, promoting healthier growth, and maintaining an appealing appearance. 

Troubleshooting Common Problems

Addressing common issues with large plants requires a proactive approach:

  • Combat underwatering by establishing a consistent watering schedule and checking soil moisture. 
  • Ensure adequate light exposure to prevent leggy growth and leaf issues.
  •  Address overcrowding by providing sufficient space for each plant and removing damaged leaves in a timely manner.
  • Inspect for insects and pests, promptly treating any infestations. 

 By addressing these common challenges, you’ll ensure your large plants thrive.

Invite Nature With the Best Large Indoor Plants for Sale

Transform your space with the commanding presence of our large indoor plants from Lively Root! Visit our plant care directory for expert guidance on nurturing these impressive botanicals. Take our plant quiz to discover the ideal large plant that aligns with your preferences and space. Elevate your home or office with these stunning focal points, providing beauty and practical benefits like air purification and sound absorption.

Select Your Perfect Large Plant Today and Embark on a Journey of Botanical Beauty and Well-being!