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Custom Flower Pots Buying Guide - Personalize Your Gift Plant

Elevate your gift-giving experience with Lively Root’s personalized planter pots, turning every occasion into a cherished memory. Indoor plants are a thoughtful and sustainable gift for various milestones, whether cheering up a sick friend, marking a birthday, or gifting a plant for Mother’s Day.

Indoor plants in custom pots are the perfect way to celebrate many occasions, from housewarmings and weddings to births and friendships. Whether you want a charming addition to your home or a distinctive gift for a loved one, our custom plant pots are crafted to bring joy and elegance to any occasion. 

What makes these plant gifts truly special is the option to customize the planter, adding a unique touch beyond the ordinary. Express your sentiments in a personal way, making each planter a canvas for showing your love and consideration.

Our personalized pots transform the ordinary into the extraordinary, ensuring your gift stands out and symbolizes your thoughtfulness for the recipient and the occasion.

Personalized Flower Pots

Custom Plant And Flower Pots for Any Occasion

Discover the joy of creating personalized moments that grow and flourish along with the plants inside uniquely crafted and personalized pots for plants. 

Whether it’s celebrating the nurturing love of Mother’s Day, offering solace during times of sympathy, extending warm wishes for a new home, or expressing love on Valentine’s Day, custom plant pots add an extra layer of meaning to your thoughtful gifts. 

Explore our custom pots collection and make every occasion a memorable and green affair. 

Personalized Flower Pots for Mother’s Day

Show your appreciation with a custom plant pot that reflects the beauty and love you share. Personalize your Mother’s Day plant gift with heartfelt messages or her name to make it an extra special gift for the extraordinary woman in your life. 

Personalized Planters for a Sympathy Gift

During difficult times, a personalized plant pot offers solace and enduring remembrance. Create a touching tribute by customizing the planter for your sympathy plant gift with comforting words, the name of the departed, or a meaningful quote. 

Customized Plant Pots for a Housewarming Gift

Welcome friends and family to their new abode with a customized pot for your housewarming plant gift. Add their names, the moving date, or a warm greeting to make the gift an integral part of their new home. 

Customized Flower Pots for an Anniversary Gift

Express your love uniquely with a custom plant pot for your anniversary plant gift. Engrave your initials, a special date, or a love message to remind you of your affection. It’s a thoughtful and enduring gift for the one you cherish.

How to Personalize Your Plant Pot: A Step-by-Step Guide

Custom Engraving Flower Pots

Dive into the world of personalized flower pots at Lively Roots, where gifting becomes an art. Explore our diverse plant collections, featuring easy-care varieties, office companions, porch favorites, and pet-friendly greens tailored for different light conditions.

Elevate your pot-picking experience with our step-by-step customization process:

  1. Choose the pot size and color: Options include small or medium, glossy white or fuschia. Small pots are 4” in diameter and 4” high. Medium pots are 6” in diameter and 6” high. 
  2. Choose a design: You can choose a ready-made design or personalize the pot with your message in the next step.  
  3. Personalize the pot: Add custom text up to 15 characters. 
  4. Include a date: If the gift is to commemorate a special date,, you can add it to the planter. 
  5. Add a plant: You’ll receive some suggestions of top-selling plants you can add to your shopping cart or select your own. 
  6. Free tote: To say thanks for your purchase, Lively Roots includes a reusable tote bag with your order. 
  7. Send as a gift: If you’re sending the plant and pot, you can add a message that will be printed on a physical card and included in the box with your order. You can also include a seed paper greeting card in your gift for delivery. It will take 1-2 days for your order to be processed, and your plant gift can be sent to your doorstep or directly to the recipient’s address. 

Seed paper greeting cards are printed on seed paper that can be planted to grow wildflowers. They are made from recycled materials, and the print is water-based inks. These sustainable cards support a good cause and give your gift extra meaning.

Discover Unique Plant Gifts: Custom Pots from Lively Root

Elevate your gifting game with Lively Roots and make every occasion extraordinary. Customize a plant gift with a special personalized pot and send a touch of green joy to your loved ones, friends, colleagues, or business associates.

Whether it’s Mother’s Day, a sympathy, a housewarming, or an anniversary gift, our custom plant pots add a unique touch to your thoughtful present.

Explore our subscription options for ongoing green surprises, or consider our gift cards for the gift of choice. Don’t forget our beautiful and sustainable seed paper greeting cards that can accompany your plant gift.

Choose Lively Roots for gifts that keep on giving - thoughtful, sustainable, air-purifying, and long-lasting. 

Make Your Plant Gift Memorable With a Custom Pot From Lively Root!