5 Plants That Will Wow Any Client

By: Lively Root
January 18, 2023
5 Plants That Will Wow Any Client
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Do you find it extremely difficult to come up with gift ideas for clients? While there are so many great ideas, there are also so many generic, obligatory, thoughtless gifts that won’t make a lasting impression. A lasting impression with a client can help you develop stronger, loyal business relationships that can last a lifetime. Strengthen those existing relationships and forge new ones through meaningful client gifts.

We all want to make an impression by sending clients thoughtful gifts, but sometimes the hard truth is that some of us are doing it painfully wrong. Client gifts don’t have to be another boring coffee mug with your logo (who really needs another coffee cup to add to their collection). The coffee mug may be a nice gesture, but does this generic gift show that the company is thinking about you specifically? Take the time to research your client’s personality and start customizing your gift to their style. Personable, thoughtful, and memorable are the key factors to remember when choosing the right gift. With the right unique client gifts, you will keep your business on top of your partners’ and clients’ minds all year long. Client gifting is smart business behavior that can help you express your appreciation, strengthen business relationships, and can help celebrate client milestones. It is an investment in your relationships and the company’s future. Show them you value your relationship with them with something they can nurture for a lifetime.

So when is the right time to give your client a gift? Well, as they say, timing is everything. While many companies default to only gifting during the holiday season, gifting year-round is increasingly impactful! There are many reasons and celebrations worth giving for! Sending corporate gifts for clients to celebrate a birthday, marriage, birth of a child, engagement, anniversary, or any other major milestone will be a guaranteed way to be on the client’s mind all day long.

Here are six reasons why your business should consider giving your clients appreciation gifts:

1. Good for business relationships

Plants work in any relationship, including professional relationships. Positive relationships in the business world are crucial for everlasting success. With many businesses working with countless other companies, sometimes your company may slip under the carpet. Keeping relationships open by gifting allows fresh opportunities to talk business in the future.

2. Shows appreciation

Show your clients how grateful you are for their business and thank them with client gift plants. Showing appreciation for their continued support, engagement, and all their contributions to your business is valuable. We often give gifts to re-confirm or establish a connection with others. People feel good when receiving plants; they know that the person giving the gift thinks fondly of them.

3. Sets yourself apart from the competition

Creative gifts can build unforgettable connections. Many clients receive the same old repetitive gifts, such as coffee mugs, engraved pens, or personalized journals. Plants are a timeless client gift that can be a sign of respect. With your brand logo marketed on the pot, the indoor office plant will constantly remind them how much you value them.

4. A form of self-promotion

Gifting is an excellent way to remain at the forefront of your client’s mind. Self-promotion gifts are a great way to get your name out there, providing a lasting reminder of your capabilities. Reinforcing your brand shows clients a solid commitment to lasting relationships.

5. Boost Return on Investment

Nurturing your clients can lead to an increase in sales and retention. Happy clients help the company obtain trustworthy referrals, and loyal clients lead to higher and improved profits. Higher profits equal happier employees and investors. What more can you ask for?

6. Foster customer loyalty

Your clients are more likely to pay attention to you when they receive gifts. A client gift can help connect with them on more of a personal level building an unbreakable bond. A gifting experience will encourage clients to continue doing business with you.

Here at Lively Root, we help bring joy by giving the gift of plants to your clients, partners, and many more. We curate thoughtful, eye-catching gifts that will last a lifetime. You pick the plant, and we’ll make your company look great. We put your brand front and center because unforgettable gifts deserve memorable branding. We love adding a personal touch to your corporate gifts for clients. Whether adding a logo, a special note, a branded plant stick, or a custom design to any pot, if you can dream it, we’ll make it happen.

Go the extra mile this year with your client’s gifts. Plants as client gifts will brighten their life, whether in their office or at home and help them feel a little bit more relaxed in the ever so changing competitive corporate world. Plants are the universal gift that brings pleasing aesthetics, great air-purifying qualities, and mood-boosting abilities. Great gifts tell a story, and incredible plants show your appreciation. Great client gifts will make a lasting impression.

In this guide, we’ll share some of our best plants and what your plant gift says to your client that will surely make a deep-rooted impression.

Money Tree: Success

Our first client gift idea is Money Tree because who doesn’t love the idea of money and good financial fortune? This tree is a go-to for many people looking for green client gifts. The braided base and bright green umbrella shaped-leaves hold much symbolism. Many people believe that they bring good luck and financial success. Giving a money tree is like giving luck to all who grow it! Did you know that the money tree is deeply rooted in history? According to a mythical legend, a poor Taiwanese farmer found a small Pachiara plant in his field one day. He was stunned by the lush beauty of the little plant. He prayed for money and then became rich by growing multiples of this tree from the original one. He had credited his newfound wealth to the tree he found. This story makes us all wish it were that money grew on trees! If that were not the case, we would not be gifting clients these gifts. Give the gift of good fortune and success with this money tree!


Chinese Money Plant: Prosperity

The eye-catching Chinese money plant, also known as the missionary plant, is filled with green coins shaped like leaves. The shiny and thick green coins balance on skinny, long red stems. According to Feng Shui, this plant brings prosperity, good luck, and abundance.
It is said to help you attain greater heights in both your professional and personal life. Rumors go that if you place a coin in the soil with the plant, it’ll spontaneously start to attract wealth.

This plant also goes by the name of the “friendship plant” because of how the plants were initially spread in Scandinavia. People passed and shared cuttings between friends and family. The cuttings of the plant can easily be propagated to grow new plants. This plant makes the perfect client gift to show your lending hand.

Golden Pothos: Perseverance

This climbing lush vine plant is filled with character! The vibrant green leaves of the Pothos are sometimes filled with blotched marbled yellow and green combinations. This plant has the ability to grow almost anywhere! They thrive in situations other plants can’t simply handle. The Golden Pothos symbolizes determination and desire because of its sturdiness to handle any climate they are thrown in. This plant makes a great comparison to a business and client’s relationship with its perseverance. The journey may be rough, but the business relationship can push and preserve through any situation thrown at us. The pothos is a perfect client gift to show your clients the evergrowing perseverance between the two of you!

Boston Fern: Longevity

This elegant plant makes for a beautiful option for clients. The Boston fern has graceful green feather-like leaves that arch over gracefully. The leaves of ferns are often called fronds. Since ferns have been around for millions of years, they symbolize eternal youth, renewal, and longevity. If there is one lesson we could take away from this plant, it’s that no matter how bad situations can get, there’s always hope to come back thriving. This plant can show the client you’re here for the long haul through many challenges. The fern is an ancient plant that will be here until time. Let your clients know how “frond” you are of them with this thoughtful client gift idea.

English Ivy Green Ideal: Loyalty

English Ivy’s emerald green and long-lasting hardy leaves like to climb.
This plant has an adaptable attachment personality. It climbs on other plants and other various substances like trees, rocks, and office spaces too! The trailing vines don’t like to let get go of what they may be attached to it, proving their loyalty and resiliency. In Greek mythology, ivy was presented to the bride and groom as a symbol of devotion, fidelity, and commitment to each other. The English Ivy is an inspirational client gift to let them know you’re grateful for them and too good to let go of.