Palms: Questions & Answers

Enjoy the One-Of-A-Kind Luxury of Palms

Our palms make a unique addition to your home, not just as outdoor plants but as patio and indoor plants too. Our collection for plant delivery captures the romance and adventure of an island getaway. Their lush leaves and architectural elegance need not be overpowering to add drama with their myriad of imaginative uses anywhere you place them. With our palm plant delivery, you can add their fantastic foliage to every room.

Palm Plant Delivery Add Atmosphere At Every Turn

Use our palms house plants to instantly transform your neglected spaces into someplace breathtaking, welcoming, and functional. Our plant delivery service can bring you all-in-one bundles like the Hearty Boys Bundle: ZZ Plant & Sago Palm. Not only are they robust and easy to care for, but they also have striking good looks all nature lovers will prize. Meanwhile, for something more understated yet just as harmonious for plant delivery, the Areca Butterfly Palm is perfect with its feathery fronds that sprout like a charming fountain.

Palms Are A Hardworking Indoor Plant

Lively Root’s mission is to inspire you to develop your green space at home. Our palms for plant delivery offer a wholly fresh approach to creating green spaces, especially indoors. Not only do these home plants require little maintenance, but they’re also a step forward in good looks and comfort. We don’t mean the breezy, tropical atmosphere they elicit (which can be relaxing), but the health benefits they provide. For instance, we recommend the Areca above for its scientifically proven air-purifying abilities. This palm ready for plant delivery efficiently absorbs various air pollutants.

Peace Of Mind Also Delivered

Palms are the best tropical plants to get since they’re big on looks, easy to grow, and have plenty of all-natural benefits. Rest assured that once you’ve selected your palm for plant delivery, you can rely on us to do the hard part. We’ve made plant delivery a speedy and simplified approach, delivering from our nursery to your doorstep everywhere in the continental United States. We’ve built a true farm-to-table operation that not only ensures fresh, on-time delivery but the most sustainable best practices too.