9 Garden Plant Accessories

Collect our favorite garden plant accessories featuring disco ball plant hanger, bud and propagation vases, climbing bracket, and more! 

By: Debbie Neese
May 4, 2022
9 Garden Plant Accessories
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Every gardenista needs a little bling to play with in the garden, right!? We think so, too, so that's why our Lively Root buyers are always on track to bring the newest and jazziest garden accessories to our customers! These are great as add-on gifts for your favorite garden too! 

Garden Macrame Fashion Accessories

Check out our Bohemian Dream Catcher macrame wall hanging! We think a few of our air plants would feel right at home on one of these. Tuck them in here and there, and you have a two for one; an air plant display and a little wall fashion for the backdrop! 

If you're decorating a new dorm room, try our macrame hangers! We even have them for our itty bitty air plants too! Hanging plants are so fun; they don't take up precious real estate in tight spaces and give you room to raise your plants! 

Garden Plant Accessories

Give your plants a little fashion accessory with this geometric backdrop. It reminds us of honeycombs and makes a pretty backdrop to your plants. It measures 7 2/3 inches tall and fits securely into the soil of your container pot. It's made of wood and can be easily spray painted with colorful shades to give extra color to your palette! 

Don't forget to get some encouragement with your plants! Our plants love these little picks to give expression! Purchasing a ceramic messaging stick will plant a tree! Lively Root partners with the Arbor Day Foundation for each one you buy and plants a tree! 

Get your 70's outfit on, turn up the Saturday Night Fever record, and spin your disco garden ball! It's perfect for our small plants to accessorize. Get three and hang them all in a cluster together for extra groove. Or accessorize your shaggin' wagon and hang it from your rear-view mirror for some good vibes! For those closet disco queens, hang it in the shower to bring on that foxy mama and boogie down! 

Flower & Propagation Vases

If you are a romantic or reach for the stars, this Modern Constellation Vase will be your next purchase. The colors are out of this world, each representing a color in the universe! Keep it for propagating or arrange your favorite cut flowers. 

You can't have just one! These modern acrylic bud vases are the bomb, and we have so many fun color combos. Get coordinating colors and arrange them in odd numbers on your table for greater impact. They're a perfect add-on gift with our poppy seed packs! Everyone needs a fancy vase to enjoy their buds and blooms! 

Do you open your presents early and can't keep a secret? Apply that to this and force your bulbs for early bird blooms in this bulb vase! When not forcing bulbs, use it as a bouquet catcher and display those lovely wildflowers you've been growing! 

Keep your plants happy and lively with these fun garden plant accessory items!